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September 7 2020 to September 13 2020

Monday September 7

Shear Luck

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Although the Sun linking with lucky Jupiter and innovative Uranus is exciting, it's not simply a case of waving a magic wand to get things done; the cosmos won't do the work for us. It's just providing a tool that can help us work more effectively. This is the difference between having a good lawnmower and a pair of shears. As Jupiter's generosity combines with the Sun's creativity, ambitious progress can be made. Uranus' revolutionary spirit guarantees that it won't be business as usual!

Tuesday September 8

Positive Progress

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Dear Oscar,
Since 2018 something seems to be afoot; many people's lives (including mine) have been turned upside down. What's happening and how long will it last?
Yours, Allen
Thanks for your question! Uranus (disruption and revolution) entered security-orientated Taurus in 2018. This year Saturn (restriction and authority) journeyed into freedom-loving Aquarius. Fortunately, it's not all doom and gloom! Although these transitions aren't easy they sow seeds of positive progress. Saturn moves on in 2023 and converges with Neptune in 2026. We'll be much stronger by then.
Yours, Oscar

Wednesday September 9

Get on the Right Track

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Mars is an action planet. Aries is an action sign. So with Mars in Aries, are we turning into the equivalent of Action Man toys, with fixed smiles, predetermined movements and curiously smooth body parts? Hardly! Although we may have been striking first and asking questions later, often, it has been the right thing to do. As Mars turns backwards, it may be time to start asking if help is needed before rushing in. We have to ensure we're on the right track and not wasting precious time.

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Thursday September 10

Letting Go?

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Are things better now that the kids are back in school? While I'm happy not to have to feign interest in the plots of my child's video games, the jury's still out about how the peace and quiet counterbalances the loss of security and closeness. Of course, the truth is that it's what's best for the kids that counts. It's just that with the Sun opposing Neptune tomorrow, the sense of loss could be so tangible that slimmers will miss their love-handles! Sometimes letting go is the best way to get what we want. NEW! Mars Retrograde - What Does it Mean?
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Friday September 11

Steadier and Sunnier

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Jupiter, which has been apparently moving backwards since mid-May, tends to inflate things. But that doesn't mean its retrograde motion has made us deflate. It's more as if someone let go of an untied balloon mid puff... even when the 'fun' dies down, the balloon still remains larger than it was before the action started. As the planet of expansion, optimism and generosity turns direct this weekend, although the adventure isn't over, we can look forward to a steadier ship heading to a sunnier horizon.

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Saturday September 12

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Normally, the Virgoan New Moon goes quietly about its business; planting seeds and tending the earth for our future prosperity. But this week, under the influence of newly forward moving Jupiter's link with Mercury, we'll see a very different side to this lunar event. Expect shouting from moonlit rooftops - especially when it comes to the health and happiness of the people we care about. If we offer enthusiastic encouragement to anyone whose intentions are good, the results will benefit us all.

Sunday September 13

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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