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September 14 2020 to September 20 2020

Monday September 14

Question Time

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Just because someone is confident and opinionated doesn't mean they're right. It's just that forcefully articulated opinions are often the ones we tend to listen to. Of course, real knowledge grows out of experience, research and investigation - and there's always some humility in the mix too. As Jupiter (now moving forwards) prepares to link with Mercury, it's time to ask bold questions and dare to have more confidence in our own ideas. Quietly whispered dreams can come true.

Tuesday September 15

Positive Progress

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Venus is the planet of harmony and union while Uranus represents schism and change, so these two are not normally comfortable bedfellows. Yet their sharp alignment needn't spell curtains for any relationships. Instead, it may bring the breakthrough needed to move our closest rapports to the next (higher) level. And it's not just matters of the heart that will benefit from more creativity. Whatever we value, this alignment can help stimulate progress of the most positive kind.

Wednesday September 16

Change Platforms

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We've all been preoccupied by health matters this year, and as the New Moon approaches, it encourages more positive choices in this regard; and inspires us to kick a few bad habits too. Yet, whilst its harmonious link with Saturn (the cosmic teacher) supports us to begin new regimes and projects, it also requires us to show determination. We need to make sustainable changes that will create a platform from where we can construct healthier lives. We're all worth that effort!

Thursday September 17

Constant Craving

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The Moon represents what we crave in our lives (rather than what we want). Under lockdown, when another astrologer and I were 'remote chatting', they mentioned that they expected to weigh about three metric tonnes by mid-September! I have to say that I can't recommend the Covid diet either! Fortunately, the Virgoan New Moon brings opportunities for us all to change our routines. It needn't be a giant leap forwards. But a determined step could lead to powerful transformation.

Friday September 18

Moving On

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Endings can be difficult. Just ask the Kardashians, who've decided they can no longer keep up with their TV show. Yet some endings - like the end of the pandemic, can't come a moment too soon. There's an interesting saying that, when life closes a door, it opens a window; things have a way of working out in unexpected ways. This weekend, the New Moon helps define reasonable guidelines. As long as we do what makes practical sense we can move on, leaving some problems behind.

Saturday September 19

Your Weekly Horoscope

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The Equinox's arrival marks six months since we all went into lockdown. Much has changed since March. The Equinox signals a turning point; and despite the difficulties and heartbreaks that have been the global experience of 2020, its bright spark of hope indicates that our troubles could lead to new ways of living; where we take better care of one another and our planet. Mercury encourages us to speak out this week. While Venus reminds us of how valuable our voices can be.

Sunday September 20

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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