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September 21 2020 to September 27 2020

Monday September 21

Under the Influence

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We know that a negotiation has been successful when it ends with both parties feeling slightly disappointed. At least that's one way of putting a positive spin on the news! But if that's true, perhaps it's because we're destined to be dissatisfied. Maybe happiness is fleeting by nature and arrives or disappears regardless of the deals or safeguards that are put in place. But that's far too serious to think about on a Monday! Today's news, is that we have more influence than we think.

Tuesday September 22

Turning Point

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The Equinox marks a turning point in this pivotal year. Does that mean challenges can be put behind us? There are important aspects of the last six months that need to be reflected on; they can influence our approach to the future. We've opened our eyes to much that society needs to address, and have more insight on the changes we want to make in our own lives. Now, as the Sun enters Libra, if we dare to imagine a fairer world, we can take a step towards leading a more harmonious life.

Wednesday September 23

Being Kind?

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Maybe yesterday's forecast about daring to imagine a fairer world seemed naive. Yet I'm under no illusion as to how difficult a task it is. Fairness is a human concept; we don't often see it in nature. And, since it's highly subjective, it's hard to manifest. Yet as Mercury aligns tensely with Saturn and Mars, there are some arguments we'll feel compelled to make and some laws we'll need to lay down. Kindness doesn't mean being foolhardy. If we're fighting a corner, the cause must matter.

Thursday September 24

Letter of the Law

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Is the letter of the law always appropriate? As new restrictions on social distancing are imposed, should people be shamed because a party gets out of hand? Ought we to accept the consequences if we flout the rules and undermine the sacrifices others are making? There will be much debate about the rights and wrongs of people's responses to the new guidelines; and the conspiracy theorists will have a field day. Instead of anger, it's important to aim for fairness and understanding.

Friday September 25

Plan for Change

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Mercury moves from Libra into Scorpio this weekend. That's like going from a visit to a therapist into a game of high stakes poker! We'll all feel more inclined to keep our own counsel in the coming weeks. And we may also find ourselves going from 'brainstorming' into a period of painstaking research. Saturn is preparing to turn direct again early next week. So it's important to plan for the changes that ensue. With the right preparation, we can turn eventualities into opportunities.

Saturday September 26

Your October Monthly Horoscope

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Hope sustains and nourishes us when all else fails; and in October it becomes an abundant resource to draw upon. As Jupiter and Neptune make their final, inspiring connection of 2020, they encourage us to dream big. Yet, rather than indulging in unrealistic imaginings, the key will be to follow up our visions with determined action; to paint a picture of what's possible then work towards achieving it. By the arrival of Halloween's Blue Moon, those projections may look spookily accurate!

Sunday September 27

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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