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September 28 2020 to October 4 2020

Monday September 28


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As is the Jewish festival, Yom Kippur, I'll take this opportunity to say 'G'mar Chatima Tovah'! It's a time of reflection and atonement. This week's cosmic climate offers a similar bittersweet mix. Tomorrow, harmonious Venus makes a supportive connection with fiery Mars, which is already in a tense link with restrictive Saturn. Should frustrations boil over, cogitation, perseverance and kindness will be key.

Tuesday September 29

Planet Pause

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Today, Mars and Venus align with motionless Saturn, as it comes to the end of its retrograde phase. When a planet pauses, its influence is particularly powerful; and with restrictive Saturn in the sign of friendship and society (for the first time in a generation) it's no wonder we're concerned... is another lockdown approaching? Perhaps. Will it be as bad as the first? No! Saturn's connection with Mars shows us how to work harder and faster to make this eventuality less likely and less severe.

Wednesday September 30

The Secret of Succession

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The TV series Succession romped home at the Emmys. The show, about billionaire families, explores the dynamics of wealth and power. Although I don't party in Monaco, being part of a family business means I can relate on some levels! We all sometimes find ourselves on a direction of travel that feels dependent on others; it's a fine line between protecting ourselves and feeling overly restricted. As the Full Moon arrives, we can find ways to put ourselves first, without others bearing the cost.

Thursday October 1

Lean On Me

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When I played Lean On Me to my son recently, I explained that Bill Withers sings about having a friend to lean on when we feel upset. He replied, 'Yes, when Sidney's sad I always lean on him'! Hopefully we can display more nuanced empathy today! With only the Sun in an analytical 'air' sign, emotions may run high as the Harvest Moon turns full in Aries. That doesn't mean we can't see clearly. But whatever realisations we come to, we should try not to get too carried away!

Friday October 2

Animal Farm

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Today is World Day for Farmed Animals. Few people believe me when I say I'm vegetarian. But I'm living proof you can be meat-free and still as unhealthy as anyone! As Venus enters Virgo today, it's a good time to consider change that will serve a greater good. That doesn't mean we can't find pleasure in the process. In fact, we may grow enamoured with a new system or plan. With Pluto turning direct this weekend, a little research may reveal hidden details that are delightfully appealing.

Saturday October 3

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Although we feel uncomfortable with injustice, in the face of powerful manipulation we sometimes resign ourselves, bottle our outrage, and compartmentalise the unacceptable by accepting that certain battles can't be won. But some battles need fighting even if they seem unwinnable. Mercury's opposition with Uranus encourages the voicing of frustrations over situations that need to be challenged. It's a cosmic reminder that victory lies in how far we've come, rather than where we end up.

Sunday October 4

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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