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October 19 2020 to October 25 2020

Monday October 19

Fee Fi Fo Fum

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At bedtime recently my son asked what would happen if Jack ate the magic beans? Would he grow tall like the beanstalk? Is that what the giant did to get so big? In many ways, Jupiter is the purveyor of astrological magic beans - whatever it touches seems to grow. So as it links with Venus and Mars, should we expect golden eggs or clashes with monsters? Actually, if we defend our principles and pursue opportunities with vim and vigour, 'happily ever after' will seem less of a fairytale.

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Tuesday October 20

Back to the Future

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When I wrote about Mercury and its yo-yo-like motion around the Sun two weeks ago, its move opposite revolutionary Uranus indicated that, although the changes we're living through are dramatic, they're not as permanent as they feel. Now Mercury is in reverse gear... and guess what's back looming through the rear view mirror? Yet returning to issues we thought we'd left behind is no sign of failure. This is a chance to correct our course going forwards to ensure we're heading the right way.

Wednesday October 21

Unafraid of the Dark

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We're coming to the time of year when the clocks shift, and our relationship with the dark changes. While those in the southern hemisphere have extra time in the light, northern souls adapt to spend more hours in the dark. But with the Sun's imminent move into Scorpio, just after Pluto makes a supportive link with Venus, there's no need for anyone to fear the hidden aspects of darkness. Wherever we are in the world, something valuable is waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Thursday October 22

Nothing in the Air Tonight

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The Sun's move into Scorpio tonight creates an interesting cosmic moment. There are no planets in any of the Air signs - which represent the logical side of our mind. This temporary imbalance increases the chance of feeling overwhelmed by information. And with Mercury (communication) now retrograde, it's only natural that questions about the validity of decisions will be raised. But such confusion is short-lived. Tomorrow brings the clarity to help assuage some of our fears. P.S. Why not follow us on Instagram at @cainerhoroscopes?

Friday October 23

Hidden Connections

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When retrograde Mercury connects with the Sun it marks an important step on its journey through the skies. Today brings a moment of clarity during a period of introspection and review. Scorpio traditionally keeps its cards close to its chest. Yet as the Sun and Mercury converge in this fascinatingly complex part of the zodiac, they illuminate dark corners and encourage us to delve deep for insight. We won't find all the answers. But the research will uncover hidden connections.

Saturday October 24

Your Weekly Horoscope

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As October draws to a close we're heading towards a breakthrough Blue Moon which aligns closely with innovative Uranus. The build up to this event brings moments of insight and understanding. As Mercury moves backwards and re-enters Libra, we need to look again at the important issues we have only superficial knowledge about. Venus' return to its celestial home suggests that on closer inspection, precious knowledge can be gleaned that leads to a more optimistic and sociable future.

Sunday October 25

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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