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October 26 2020 to November 1 2020

Monday October 26

Look Beyond the Obvious

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It's easy to think that stone circles and cave paintings are the earliest signs of civilisation, but anthropologist Margaret Mead suggests that healed bones on ancient skeletons mark the start of society; people worked together to nurse the wounded. As Mercury continues moving backwards, it's important to look beyond the obvious. As it moves into Libra this week, it's also worth considering how new perspectives can improve our relationships. Success relies on harmonious partnerships.

Tuesday October 27

Good Omens

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For some time now, the celestial climate has indicated a lack of sensible understanding. Not only has the planet of planning and communication been in a tailspin, none of the signs that typically represent rationality have hosted any visitors. It doesn't mean that recent decisions are questionable - sometimes having a lack of something makes us work even harder to manifest it. But as Mercury and Venus enter Libra tomorrow, good ideas become easier to create and more attractive to pursue.

Wednesday October 28

Lunacy Begone!

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Dear Oscar,
I always dread the Full Moon because it makes me cross, clumsy, confused and sleepless! Yet I wasn't affected by the last Supermoon. Can you explain why? Yours, Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,, Full Moons have long been associated with high tension and mental exhaustion - hence the word 'lunatic'. Even now, stock markets show rates of growth that track lunar phases. Full Moons help us renegotiate relationships. Perhaps you've unwittingly made a breakthrough in your relationship with them! Yours, Oscar

Thursday October 29

Luxurious Blues

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In the world of music, blue represents a mournful colour - it symbolises loss and heartbreak. Blue movies represent something else altogether! So what does a 'Blue' Moon signify? I like to think it relates to the ancient appreciation for blue in art and design. Since blue pigment was the most expensive colour to create, it represented high status. With a Halloween Blue Moon converging with Uranus this weekend, we should highly value this opportunity. Meaningful change is a real possibility.

Friday October 30

Trick and Treat

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This Halloween Blue Moon brings a challenge to parents. How is socially distanced 'trick or treating' going to work? Our area is planning a 'ghost hunt'; people put spooky pictures in windows, children try to spot them, and parents reward sightings with their own sweets. Hopefully, the annual event will return next year with the fanfare of a new Adele album! Meanwhile, the trick is to embrace change. Forget Dr Frankenstein! Experimentation can lead to important discoveries.

Saturday October 31

Your November Monthly Horoscope

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People have always been scared of the dark. The word 'panic' comes from a word used to describe campfire nighttime noises, which the Greeks attributed to Pan, the god of mischief. But if fears of the unknown grow more intense after Halloween, we can blame Jupiter and Pluto. Their imminent convergence brings a reminder of the values of faith, bravery and optimism. With Mars turning direct this month, as long as anxieties are kept in perspective, there'll be no holding us back.

Sunday November 1

Your Week Ahead

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