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November 2 2020 to November 8 2020

Monday November 2

Key Change

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I'm often asked about election outcomes. But rather than compelling us to vote one way or another, astrology speaks to our emotional states; and that may push us in certain directions. Even then, we all have a contrary streak! And following the Blue Full Moon at Halloween, whatever political affiliation we have, there's a yearning for change in a key relationship. For some, that includes their relationship with government. With Mercury turning direct tomorrow, it's time to make informed decisions.

Tuesday November 3

US Election

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Today the United States has one of those civil, level-headed events - a presidential election! Naturally the last few weeks have been full of restrained, unbiased and entirely trustworthy comment and opinions... er... maybe not! Since Mercury (the planet of communication) has been retrograde, it's no wonder it's been messy. Today however, Mercury begins moving forwards while in a dynamic relationship with serious Saturn. It's time to concentrate on the facts and make responsible, informed choices.

Wednesday November 4

Mercury Direct

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With all the furore generated by the US elections, it's time to focus on what brings us together. No matter whether you wanted a hiding for Biden, or for Trump to get thumped, we all love sandwiches. And given that yesterday was National Sandwich Day in the US, this could be what brings us together! And, if that's not enough, the fact that Mercury's no longer retrograde will help. By clearing up confusion, and calmly communicating, previously unimaginable agreements are possible.

Thursday November 5

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

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Tonight in the UK, we demonstrate our famous sense of irony as we use fireworks to celebrate the time that Guy Fawkes failed to blow up the government! It's often joked that Fawkes was the last person to enter the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions. With the world still coming to terms with the US election, we can only hope the next four years demonstrate similar levels of integrity, but no gunpowder! Regardless of politics, Mercury and Saturn insist we consider the long-term repercussions of any decisions.

Friday November 6

Torqueing Point

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Some people say that free speech no longer exists. But the fact they're able to make this assertion suggests their concerns are exaggerated. In places where such freedoms are seriously curtailed, these kinds of statements aren't tolerated. As Mercury begins its journey forwards, and its link with Saturn reaches a final peak, we should be careful how we communicate. Words are powerful. If we now want to build alliances, we must use the right amount of 'torque' to drill home a point.

Saturday November 7

Your Weekly Horoscope

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This week, Jupiter meets with Pluto for the third time in 2020, a rare event that doesn't recur for another 13 years. It's as if a slow, relay runner is coming up behind their teammate in a leisurely race. Except this is Jupiter; master of thunderbolts. Anything that comes into contact with this electrifying baton will receive a shot of high-voltage energy. With Pluto adding an air of secrecy, if we're adventurous enough to rise above our fears, there's opportunity for powerful transformation.

Sunday November 8

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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