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November 9 2020 to November 15 2020

Monday November 9

Bridging the Gap

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Although the era of trench warfare is long gone, the tendency to dig into positions and lob emotional grenades at one another is very much alive! Today, Venus, at home in Libra, opposes retrograde Mars as it prepares to change direction in Aries. Yet, just because these planets are at opposite ends of the zodiac doesn't mean that a gulf exists. As long as we seek common ground, this no-man's-land territory will be fertile. Acting on good impulses will bridge gaps and foster accords.

Tuesday November 10

Love Me Tender

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We all know about love-hate relationships and have indulged in practices we know will be bad for us. Yet, holding ourselves to impossible standards does more harm than good. Valuable lessons can be learned when we acknowledge mistakes; as long as we don't foster grievances, or allow resentments to grow, we see how to do better. With the Sun in harmony with Neptune, and Mercury re-entering Scorpio, we'll gain most from today when we think deeply but with a tender heart.

Wednesday November 11

Better Things

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We're living through scary times. Yet, rather than lose faith in the essential goodness of the cosmos, we can trust that things will get better. Although we're all having to learn to live with the threat of Covid-19, following next month's Great Conjunction, I predict technological developments (particularly in medicine) that bring reassurance and more stability. As we head into 2021, we can expect many of the lifestyle changes we've made to be less dramatic and much easier to manage.

Thursday November 12

Jupiter and Pluto Converge

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Today marks the third and final time Jupiter and Pluto converge in 2020. Their meeting brings an opportunity, a bit like an exam retake (although not quite so testing) this is a chance to utilise what we've learned. Although Pluto governs what's hidden and scary, it also represents survival and metamorphosis. We have a choice about how we're affected by its combination with expansive Jupiter. Instead of letting worries fester, let's invest our energy into working for a brighter future.

Friday November 13

Risk Management

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Since luck always comes with an element of risk, even people who are lucky enough to be born into lives of luxury have challenges to deal with. Although Friday the 13th is considered to be 'unlucky', this year it would be more accurate to call it 'riskier'. And the greater the risk, the greater the reward. As Mars turns direct this weekend, this isn't the time for timid inaction. While Venus prioritises hidden values, the New Moon indicates that optimistic steps forwards will lead to better more enriched lives.

Saturday November 14

Your Weekly Horoscope

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My favourite football manager/philosopher used to refer to his team's under-performances as 'playing with the hand-brake on'; he viewed it as a psychological issue. And when his players had the right approach, they played at their exciting, free-flowing best. With the New Moon planting powerful seeds for change this week, we all have the opportunity to get back to something like our finest. It's not as simple as pulling a lever. But as Mars changes direction, the brakes finally come off.

Sunday November 15

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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