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November 23 2020 to November 29 2020

Monday November 23

A Naughty Adventure?

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The need for adventure, and a sense of freedom, are deeply ingrained in our psyche. They drove our ancestors out of the valleys of East Africa, spurred the Vikings across the Atlantic, and are one of the main sources of lockdown frustrations. As the Sun settles into Sagittarius, the need to explore becomes more intense. And with Venus newly visiting Scorpio, a degree of naughtiness may have extra appeal. It's lucky that the horizons of the mind often yield more fun than any physical forays!

Tuesday November 24

Magical or Miraculous

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Hi Oscar,
You recently talked about 'expecting magic, but not miracles'. What's the difference? Best, Kota

Hi Kota, It's like comparing a rainbow with a Solar Eclipse. Rainbows are magical; beautiful, but fairly predictable in the right weather conditions. But it seems miraculous that the moon was created, after another planet had crashed into the earth, in exactly the right proportions to blot out the sun. We can reasonably hope for magic to happen. But if we're relying on miracles, we'd better have a Plan B! Yours, Oscar

Wednesday November 25

Herding Cats

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Traditionally, Neptune represents the uncontainable and a lack of boundaries; a flow from one state to another. As it comes to a standstill, it creates an unusual ambience. It's like seeing cats successfully herded, or toothpaste returned to its tube. Today, as it nears the end of its long journey backwards, the planet of compassion, enchantment and imagination links with Mercury and Venus. Although we may feel extra sensitive, there's beauty to be found in the mind and the heart.

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Thursday November 26

Smart Choices

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Tomorrow, Venus (representing value) opposes Uranus (signifying breakthroughs). If that isn't a good omen for finding something exciting on Black Friday, I'm not sure what is! But, as the season of rampant commercialism begins, the coming Lunar Eclipse calls for smart choices when investing emotional capital. It's important not to let the new and shiny distract us from what's really needed. Sure, we can still treat ourselves, but that shouldn't 'eclipse' the search for a higher sense of purpose and meaning.

Friday November 27


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Thanksgiving festivities continue in the US. And while the rest of us haven't adopted the turkey celebrations, another recently exported tradition will be in full flow; the Black Friday sales. Everyone loves a bargain - it combines the delights of discovery with the permission to indulge. But, as Mercury and Pluto link, it's important to discriminate between finding a real deal with being manipulated just to think that we've got lucky. It's true value, rather than price, that equals happiness.

Saturday November 28

Your December Monthly Horoscope

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The seers and fortune-tellers of ancient times would have been very excited by December's astrological events. Although my salt and pepper beard doesn't quite fit the look of a stereotypical wizard, I'm similarly enthusiastic! We're in for a treat as we move towards a Great Conjunction, when Jupiter meets Saturn, in Aquarius, for the first time since 1405. Although 2020 has been testing in the extreme, we're not returning to the Dark Ages. This cosmic gift offers hope for a brighter future.

Sunday November 29

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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