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November 30 2020 to December 6 2020

Monday November 30

Penumbral Eclipse

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You might notice something different about this Full Moon. There'll come a point where it doesn't shine with its usual luminosity. It happens to us all! But the dimming Moon doesn't signal a lack of energy - it's actually the Earth's outer shadow forming a penumbral eclipse. Sometimes when we 'drop the act' and communicate in whispers rather than proclamations, we're at our most powerful. Consider if more may now be achieved behind the scenes than in the glare of the limelight.

Tuesday December 1

Adventure Time

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Adventures are often more fun to talk about than to be involved in. It's one thing to recount an exciting trip down the Amazon, and another to be fighting off mosquitos that are so large we need a tennis racquet! As Mercury moves into Sagittarius we'll find ourselves talking our way into some crazy situations. If that's sometimes uncomfortable, remember the bigger picture. We're the protagonist in our own story, not the narrator. Sometimes it takes a drama to keep us glued to the page.

Wednesday December 2

Safety First

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As the planets of discipline and freedom prepare to meet in the sign of technological breakthroughs, the Covid-19 vaccinations are nearly here. Interestingly, the coming Great Conjunction poses moral dilemmas. Should we wait to understand the potential long-term side-effects, or concentrate on the immediate benefits? No one can make these decisions for us. But Jupiter and Saturn's alignment insists we consider the bigger picture. A sense of responsibility, not fear, must guide us now.

Thursday December 3

Winds of Truth

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In the past, sailors feared calm seas as much as roaring tempests. A storm could sometimes be outrun or even battled through; but drifting listlessly without wind while running low on provisions is a far more depressing way to be lost at sea. The Great Conjunction looming on the horizon isn't really a storm. But it's certainly not something so dull as to leave us in the doldrums. The strong winds of truth, shouldn't be feared or fled from now. Although difficult to navigate, they'll drive us on the farthest.

Friday December 4

From Loser to Winner

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Children 'play' and adults 'experiment'. Yet there's one thing these pastimes have in common: failure is part of the process. Without the prospect of losing, games are unenjoyable. When we're unable to eliminate or be eliminated, there's little prospect of successfully finding answers. As Venus and Neptune align this weekend, they encourage the gentle assessment of mistakes, and help us let go of what we no longer need. What remains in our hearts will be all we need.

Saturday December 5

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Although Jupiter and Saturn's Great Conjunction is a few weeks away, we're already feeling its influence. Like a bowling ball on top of a mattress (rather than a pea underneath), with Neptune increasing our sensitivity this week, there's no need to channel an inner princess to detect its presence. Yet, irritation isn't the endgame of this cosmological test. We're being encouraged to accept and let go of things that don't matter. What we're left with is more than enough to start an exciting new chapter.

Sunday December 6

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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