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January 27 2020 to February 2 2020

Monday January 27


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Naughty but nice, spicy but sweet, hot and holy and totally divine! In chemistry, 'excitation' is when a small amount of energy is added to a system in order to change its condition into something less stable. In this newly agitated state, it holds more potential for action. Today, a peaceful and serene Neptune and Venus convergence is being 'excited' by the addition of Mars to the heavenly mix. We don't want bottled up feelings to explode open, but hearts and souls can be charged with an enjoyable bit of fizz!

Tuesday January 28

New Potential

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The Venus-Neptune-Mars combination is a concoction full of contradictions. Venus' acquisitive nature is being mediated by Neptune's urge to let things go and focus on the spiritual; while Mars' drive for action is at odds with the general feeling of harmony and balance. But that doesn't mean these different forces can't combine successfully. Together, they bring the possibility of getting what we want in a peaceful, even serene way. We just need to stay on the look-out for new potential.

Wednesday January 29

A Change is Gonna Come

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I wanted to write something about the nature of change; how difficult yet necessary it is. But I'm keenly aware this isn't exactly new information! And, although sometimes we need to be reminded of our strengths, and the cyclical nature of life, I don't want to harp on about something that's patently obvious. But it is worth pointing out that, thanks to Uranus' links with Venus and Mercury today, although change won't feel easy, an ingenious answer to a tricky question can be found.

Thursday January 30

All Together Now!

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Some of my musician friends are surprised by my love of astrology. But writing forecasts isn't that different from creating music. The planets provide the chords and the rhythm. My job is to figure out the melody that best accompanies the celestial instruments; one that fits the mood, and is melodic enough for everyone to be able to sing along. Since there's room for interpretation, astrologers don't always get it right. But as long as there's audience participation today, we have a hit on our hands!

Friday January 31

The Plans of the Planets

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Peering into darkness, confronting fears, transforming our responses and emerging with new perspectives. That's Pluto in a nutshell. This weekend, it links with Venus (money, harmony and creativity). Meanwhile the planet of commerce and communication makes a tricky link with Jupiter. This suggests that nothing is imminently resolvable. The planets are encouraging us to question the wisdom of any plans being made. We're more powerful than we realise... as we're about to discover.

Saturday February 1

Your February Monthly Horoscope

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Although there are challenges ahead, February brings a mixture of optimism, creativity, cooperation and adventure. As Jupiter and Neptune align for the first of three meetings that occur throughout the marathon of 2020, they act as the support team; supplying energy and encouragement as we work our way around the course of tests that the year brings our way. As Mars enters the sign of effort and commitment, it adds a welcome injection of vigour, and the willpower to achieve an impressive goal.

Sunday February 2

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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