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December 7 2020 to December 13 2020

Monday December 7

Trust Smarter

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It's one thing to forgive, quite another to forget. Forgiveness might absolve perpetrators of misdeeds, but it's also a crucial aspect for the person who has been wronged. It enables healing. Sometimes it's less about letting someone off the hook and more about freeing ourselves from pain. Yet that doesn't mean we should re-enter situations where we might be vulnerable. We need to be able to trust. As Mercury and Pluto make a sharp link, look beneath the surface today. It's time to trust smarter.

Tuesday December 8

Together Forever

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The ability to visualise creative solutions is an undeniable strength. But what seems like a logical leap for one person can be a bridge too far for another. It's difficult to bring people on a journey when they can't see the destination as clearly as we can, especially when it involves an intense engagement in order to navigate a challenge. Yet ambitions needn't lead to frustrations. As the Sun prepares to link with Neptune and Mars, by connecting to a shared enthusiasm, we can lead in style.

Wednesday December 9

Small Celebrations

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It's my son's birthday. Like everyone, we're scaling down the celebrations. Last year involved a room filled with high-pitched, over-excited six-year-olds. But even if the activities underwhelm a little, at least my eardrums will be grateful to avoid the cacophony! With Hanukkah tomorrow, and Christmas approaching, expectations must be readjusted. But there are benefits to having more manageable festivities. Indulgent Venus and subtle Pluto insist we needn't feel guilty about clandestine pleasures.

Thursday December 10

As Big as the Sky

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An adventurer who was chasing the Northern Lights said, 'You never realise how big the sky is until you try looking at all of it at once'. This sums up the message as Mercury links to the approaching Great Conjunction. Life often feels too vast to comprehend; we'll never make sense of our chaotically interconnected world. Perhaps the key to unlocking the bigger picture is to limit our focus into manageable chunks. By arming ourselves with facts, we can build a more comprehensive understanding.

Friday December 11

Walk the Talk

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They say that actions speak louder than words. And judging by the popularity of animated gifs in online forums, they may have a point! But it's worth remembering that almost everything online is not an action, but a reaction. It's only what we do IRL (In Real Life) that makes a real difference to our ambitions and desires. This weekend, as Mercury and Neptune form a 'square' alignment, we can, of course, communicate and share ideas. But the Sun's link with Mars insists we do more than just talk.

Saturday December 12

Your Weekly Horoscope

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When the planet that governs restriction and rules enters the sign of society and friendship you'd expect emotional barriers to be erected. The last time Saturn entered Aquarius (in March) the world went into lockdown as the global pandemic advanced. Yet, it it wasn't the cosmos, the planets, or even the virus that forced this to happen; it was a choice we made for the good of all. A Solar Eclipse heralds Saturn's return to Aquarius this week. It heralds positive, enlightened, progressive decisions.

Sunday December 13

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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