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February 10 2020 to February 16 2020

Monday February 10

Party Over?

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'Quit playing games with my heart' sang the Backstreet Boys in the classic chart-topper. But the term 'classic' is ambiguous. Am I saying that it's typical of 1990s manufactured pop? Or that it's an outstanding example of high-quality song writing? I'll leave it to you to decide! Meanwhile, the weekend's Supermoon has been playing with all of our hearts. It's similarly debatable as to whether we should embrace the entertainment or conclude the 'fun' with a sigh of relief. Choose wisely!

Tuesday February 11


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Hi Oscar,
Relationship Astrology talks about the 'soulmate connection'; where one person's Sun sits with another person's Moon. My partner and I have this! It amuses me that old astrology books say it's better for the man to be the Sun sign person; otherwise the woman will wear the trousers! Elaine

Hi Elaine, With Valentine's Day approaching, thanks for reminding us of how interesting it is to study love through an astrological microscope - even if past social attitudes don't look pretty through today's lenses. Oscar

Wednesday February 12

Letting Go

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Hi Oscar,
With Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, the planets of expansion and restriction are coming together. That's going to be interesting! Gavin

Dear Oscar,
I'm a disgruntled Capricorn. Last September, a project I'd put effort and commitment into was unfairly taken away. Is there any prospect of its return? Noriko

Hi Gavin and Noriko, Fortunately this combination can prove positive. It may not return what's lost, but restorative justice can be achieved. What's more, next week's Jupiter/Neptune link may reveal the wisdom and benefits of letting go. Oscar

Thursday February 13

Let the Love In

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There are no dragons to be slain. And although some of us are in various states of distress, few of us would consider ourselves to be damsels! The age of chivalry has passed, and a good thing too. Brute force isn't the way to anyone's heart. True romance requires creativity, sensitivity, wit and work. Fortunately, with Venus moving from a link with secretive Pluto to a similar connection with protective Saturn, there's a chink in our emotional armour that will allow love to find a way in.

Friday February 14

My Funny Valentine

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Happy Valentine's! Well... no cards in my letterbox. After nearly ten years of marriage, the most romantic gesture either of us manages is surprising the other with a glass of wine and a night off from our son's bedtime routine! Yet, with Mars moving into Capricorn this weekend, a choice arises. We can make extravagant gestures, which may well be appreciated today. Or, we can show our feeling by committing to the challenges of a shared future. There's more than one way to express passion now.

Saturday February 15

Your Weekly Horoscope

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This week, it is the arrival of the first of three important pick-me-ups that pepper 2020. Optimistic and adventurous Jupiter links with imaginative and empathetic Neptune; and the gods of Sky and Sea combine just as the Sun enters Pisces. It's time for innovation, growth, understanding and action... all carried out with panache! It's only Mercury's retrograde turn that creates a fly in the ointment. Yet we just need to remember that drawing boards can be returned to; that's often when the best ideas are born.

Sunday February 16

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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