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March 1 2021 to March 7 2021

Monday March 1

Saint of Wales

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It's St David's Day. The patron Saint of Wales was famed in medieval times for his austere vegetarian diet of leeks and water. Having said that, I'm living proof that, if you're not careful, you can still look like Henry VIII when meat is off the menu! Yet, as even the Moon slims down from feeling full, dreams of transformation shouldn't be too hard to achieve. Yes, we might benefit from exercising self-control, but if we want to make key changes, we have the willpower to make breakthroughs.

Tuesday March 2

Adopt, Adapt and Improve

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I love watching award shows like the Golden Globes, not for frocks or the off kilter jokes from hosts like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but for the reactions on people's faces when their names are called out. It's always interesting watching the reactions on the faces of the actors and trying to guess whether they genuinely believed they were going to win or not. Because while some people like surprises, others hate having the unexpected foisted on them. Yet no one begrudges an unusual windfall or the sudden, sweet release from pressure. Tomorrow, as revolutionary Uranus turns its attention to focus on Venus, we'll start to appreciate the wisdom of recent decisions. Although there's no guarantee that things will work out as we'd like, even if events take contradictory turns, by being creative enough to adapt we'll be able to enjoy a new spirit of adventure.

Wednesday March 3

Under the Bed

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My young son was recently worrying about a scary monster he calls 'Siren Head'. "Don't worry about that, it's not real" I reassured him; "it's sharks you want to watch out for". Now, he's finding it easier to get to sleep, but I'm struggling to get him into the bath! Tomorrow, as Mars moves into Gemini, it's worth remembering to think before speaking and to back words up with actions. It's the kind of thing Netflix should keep in mind following their row with Taylor Swift - there's no point in airing documentaries made with her about the pressure of fame if five minutes later they're going to be making cheap jokes at her expense. It's not always enough to say we have principals, sometimes we need to do things to uphold them. As Mercury heads towards its third rendezvous with Jupiter, big ideas needn't remain purely theoretical.

Thursday March 4

World Book Day

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It's World Book Day and (appropriately) Mercury, the planet of communication, approaches its third and final convergence with Jupiter this year. It shines the celestial spotlight on the value of clear communication and encourages us to look at 'the bigger picture'. Traditionally books were how we simulated complex ideas and shared perspective-changing arguments. The technological age doesn't seem to have enhanced our exchanges! Today, no matter how a situation is read, collaboration is key.

Friday March 5

Wisdom into Action

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As Jupiter and Mercury converge it's time to focus on what we've learned and put that wisdom into practice. Perhaps that's what Meghan and Harry believe they are doing, as we prepare for their bombshell interview to be broadcast this weekend. I wish them well, but I worry they're adding fuel to a fire they're seeking to dampen. Meanwhile, For parents of young children in England like myself, it's also the last day of home-schooling. So if my own recent experiences have taught me anything, it's that my times tables need some work! The best lessons though, are the ones my son taught me: the benefit of curiosity, the importance of voicing questions, and the excitement of being open to new adventures. We can all gain from such learning.

Saturday March 6

Your Weekly Horoscope

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We spend so much time trying to control our destinies. We labour under the impression that if we manage to do X, then Y will happen. But we're not quite as autonomous as we like to believe. Life is full of currents; and if we choose to fight against them, they end up dragging us into places we don't particularly want to go. Although some of what we dream of achieving is possible, some isn't. This week, recognising when to let go will enable the pursuit of more meaningful, satisfying gains.

Sunday March 7

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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