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March 8 2021 to March 14 2021

Monday March 8

International Women's Day

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Today is International Women's Day. As a man, it should be when we celebrate the women in our lives and those throughout history who've made such important contributions to our world. But every year it's threatened to be overtaken by International Men-Asking-Why-We-Don't-Have-International-Men's-Day Day (we do, it's November 19th). This tells its own story! This year, however, following Meghan and Harry's appearance on TV, perhaps International Women's Day won't be the biggest trending event. And if there was ever a woman who's shaken up an institution, it's Meghan Markle! But be it Oprah Winfrey or some other 'soap Oprah', whatever breaks the internet today, it's worth taking a breath before we weigh in with our opinions. Through the power of research, we can sensitively challenge arguments and create surprising opportunities for enlightenment.

Tuesday March 9

Rising Sun Sign

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Hi Oscar,
My rising sign's the same as my sister's Sun sign. And my son's rising sign is the same as my Sun sign. I get on better with them than with other family members. Do coinciding Sun and rising signs influence relationships? Yours, Dani

Hi Dani,
If Meghan and Harry's interview tells us anything, it's that family relationships can be complicated! And as ever, with astrology, it's not just what's in our chart, but how we react to what's there that matters. The Sun's natal position, and our rising sign are crucial factors in our individual make-up, and we're often drawn to similar traits in others. But they aren't the only ways we create bonds. Sometimes having to work harder to make connections makes them more meaningful. Yours, Oscar

Wednesday March 10

Sorry for Apologising

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Tomorrow the Sun makes its annual convergence with Neptune. A friend of mine always takes this opportunity to make apologies. When she acknowledges her contribution to difficult situations she finds release and is able to let go of guilt and regrets. But if apologies are required, we must make sure that they're made for the right reasons - not to ease our own burdens, but to soothe the pain of other people. This is a cosmic opportunity for healing... but we must do so together.

Thursday March 11

Parting of the Ways

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Whether it's the Kardashian and West divorce proceedings, or Meghan and Harry's split from 'the firm', the truth is that we never really know what's really going behind closed doors, let alone the security fenced walls of the rich and famous. And while we may have to take claims and counter claims with a pinch of salt, that doesn't mean being blind to pain and anguish. We don't have to approve of someone's actions to recognise the feelings that have led to them. But although forgiveness is encouraged ahead of the Neptunian New Moon, it's always more difficult to manifest without signs of contrition. Ignorance is sometimes excusable but arrogance or indifference is harder to move past. Yet letting go of resentment is as much a gift for ourselves as others.

Friday March 12

Mother's Day in the UK

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Mother's Day in the UK this Sunday happens to coincide with the zodiac's most female energies coming to the fore; a New Moon linked with Venus, and Neptune paying close attention. It makes this weekend an ideal opportunity to plant the seeds of change in an emotional relationship. We'll need to tread carefully - any breakthroughs must be nurtured rather than pushed. But if we're sensitive and understand the need to let go, profound new understandings will begin to emerge.

Saturday March 13

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Some people think contrition demonstrates an inability to escape history; that instead of apologising we should focus on moving forwards. But coming to terms with the errors of the past frees us from its clutches; and recognising this allows for growth and the option to make better choices. As the New Moon arrives with Neptune and Venus close by, we can plant seeds of inspiring change. If we soulfully commit to the ideals we aspire to, we can start to grow in positive, fruitful new directions.

Sunday March 14

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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