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March 15 2021 to March 21 2021

Monday March 15

Illustrating Imagination

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People familiar with my website know this text is accompanied by a cartoon. Some might also know that these are my mother's artistic handiwork. What no one knows, is that she complains when my words aren't imagistic enough, and badgers me to use metaphors, which she enjoys illustrating. Today, as Mercury, the planet of communication, enters creative Pisces, we can all begin finding more sensitive and imaginative ways to express ourselves. A belated Happy Mother's Day, Mum!

Tuesday March 16

An End to Lockdown?

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As the vaccination programme enables us to see an end to lockdown, politicians must be gentle with all those who are weary of shouldering its burdens. History teaches us that power needs to be treated with respect. Yesterday was the Ides of March, the day when Julius Caesar was betrayed by his closest supporters. Today's Sun-Pluto link suggests that it will be possible to find the support to achieve the change we desire. But it will require generous encouragement, rather than strict control.

Wednesday March 17

St Patrick's Day

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It's St Patrick's Day, when the world turns the colour of clover. But it's not just the patron Saint of Ireland who encourages more 'green' to appear. Yesterday, the lasting relationship between Saturn (hard work) and Uranus (breakthroughs) began directing its energy towards Venus. It bodes well for financial matters; efforts made to create structural change will be rewarded. But as any proud Celt knows, success doesn't rely on good fortune. The story we're writing is about perseverance, not luck.

Thursday March 18

Humorous Uranus

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Dear Oscar,
Every time I read the word 'Uranus', I giggle. Is it because I'm Scorpio, or am I just immature! Yours, Phyllis

Hi Phyllis,
Since Uranus has been particularly active recently, I may have to send you out of class! Although it's true that Scorpios enjoy flirting with taboo, you're only saying what many people think. And, as Venus' attention moves from Uranus to Scorpio's ruler, Pluto, we needn't feel guilty for sneaking a little extra enjoyment into our lives. Yours, Oscar

Friday March 19

Equinox Imminent

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The Equinox, this weekend, heralds a change in the celestial outlook. From an easy-going, happy-to-explore-options sky, we're heading into a period of get-up-and-go. Although the initial experience might be disorientating (especially with Jupiter and Neptune's brief, uneasy alliance) this awakening needn't be rude. Actually, there's every chance that we'll welcome the shift in attitude. We've been unable to assert ourselves in key areas for too long. Here comes a chance to seize the initiative.

Saturday March 20

Your Weekly Horoscope

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The astrological New Year isn't heralded with countdowns and parties (like its Gregorian cousin), but it's a moment to celebrate; especially this year when, hot on the heels of the Equinox, Venus joins the Sun in Aries, and their embrace reaches its peak. Although we can't simply shake off the hardships of the past twelve months, we can be inspired by cosmic gifts and courageously make bold moves, take positive action, and really start to create a future worth fighting for.

Sunday March 21

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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The effects of the Equinox can be felt right now. When days and nights are of equal length, the world reaches a point of balance where the slightest nudge can send your life off in a different direction. But which way should you choose to go? You have an opportunity to effect a powerful transformation in your life. Get the best advice going with a full Horoscope Birth Chart written by the legendary Jonathan Cainer.

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