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March 22 2021 to March 28 2021

Monday March 22

World Water Day

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It might be World Water Day, but another element is beginning to heat up in the skies. For the first time since January, we have planets in a fire sign. When the cosmos is low on one element, it feels as if something's missing; and a lack of fire often leads to a lack of motivation and energy. Yet, when there's a complete absence, we tend to overcompensate. Following the Equinox, it will be easier to take the initiative. We'll soon be in a position where we can play harder and succeed.

Tuesday March 23

An Emotional Weather Forecast

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It's my job to predict the emotional weather and advise you whether to break out the shades or to wrap up warmly. Since the astrological elements are unaffected by atmospheric pressure, I have it easier than the people trying to predict the actual weather... except I have seven billion microclimates to consider! Today, Mars and Saturn encourage determination. But as Mercury prepares to make a sharp link with the red planet, it's worth packing a philosophical umbrella and moving forwards with caution.

Wednesday March 24

Sit Down Comedy

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Like most parents, my ability to entertain children has been challenged over the past year. It has sometimes felt a bit like performing stand-up comedy - but rather than dismissing interruptions with withering put-downs, I've had to respond to my heckler with kisses and glasses of milk! As Mercury links with fiery Mars and subtle Pluto, we need to be wary of being misinterpreted. Yet, when honesty lies at the heart of any communication, humour has the power to bring healing.

Thursday March 25

Full Embrace

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The Full Moon takes place at the culmination of the Sun and Venus' journey towards an embrace. Yet, although their relationship promotes creative, playful sweetness, that doesn't mean it will sit well with everyone. Their tricky relationship with Jupiter, this weekend, risks revealing the consequences of having 'too much of a good thing'. Meanwhile, the Full Moon encourages us to radiate a sense of purpose. With care and compassion we can encourage one another to shine.

Friday March 26

The Venus Moon

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Astrologers don't often take the angles created by the Moon into account. Its dalliances are usually too brief to be significant. The exception is when the Moon and Sun's relationship reaches its peak. This weekend, the Full Moon opposite Venus links to the harmonious alignment taking place between Mars and Saturn. With the clocks changing in some parts of the world, time is of the essence. It's important to take meaningful long-term action rather than indulge in a quick fix.

Saturday March 27

Your April Monthly Horoscope

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Even a city boy like me appreciates feeling connected to the earth. As inspiration and initiative abound in early April, it's more important than ever to stay grounded. That doesn't entail being a stick-in-the-mud! As Mars and Jupiter helpfully combine, we can afford to be creative and express ourselves in the pursuit of wealth, happiness and satisfaction. The seeds we sow will grow fast this month. As long as we plant for positive change, we'll be delighted by what we harvest.

Sunday March 28

Supermoon in Libra

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