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March 29 2021 to April 4 2021

Monday March 29

To be Fair

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The vocal ticks people employ are fascinating. 'I won't lie to you' is one I hear a lot; but whenever it's used, it makes me suspicious about that person's previous statement! 'To be fair' is one I tend to fall back on, but, to be fair, I'm a Libran! And following the weekend's Libran Full Moon opposite its ruler Venus, this phrase may become ubiquitous. Yet, while balance is important, no one can sit on the fence forever. It's often kinder to stop prevaricating, and make our feelings clear.

Tuesday March 30

I Can See Clearly Now

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Yesterday we talked about making feelings clearer. As Mercury and Neptune converge, they pierce illusions and give our ideas welcome definition. Understanding and articulating our position is the first step towards bridging divides; and today's Venus-Saturn link encourages benevolence. It reminds us of our personal duty to stay strong. Maintaining boundaries doesn't preclude empathy. Protecting ourselves from heartache preserves and enhances our ability to offer meaningful help.

Wednesday March 31

Flying Easter Bunnies?

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In 725AD the monk, Bede, wrote that Eostre was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. Later, German folklorists suggested Eostre was the Germanic goddess Ostara, who transformed birds into rabbits which continued to lay eggs. Is this the origin of the Easter Bunny? Or is it simply an expression of spring when, in the Northern hemisphere, new life appears? Truth and legends don't always make good bedfellows. But by sticking to our convictions we'll be able to make a big difference today.

Thursday April 1

High Noon

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Today a rare event takes place. Wherever you are in the world, if you step out of your door at exactly 12 noon local time and look around, you'll see a wondrous sight, a rare formation that lines up very occasionally - a number of people all recognising others who've also fallen for the same April Fool's joke! Excuse my little prank. But as Mercury leaves its relationship with both Uranus and Saturn, before heading into Aries this weekend, it's time to think more like a leader than a follower.

Friday April 2

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Jesus performed many miracles. But one that nobody mentions is being a man in his 30s and still managing to get 12 friends together for a supper! This year, we may still be finding it difficult to be as sociable as we'd like, but we're heading in the right direction. Mercury's link with Pluto means that, religious or not, we've all been imagining the ways in which we might resurrect our lives. Mercury's move into Aries, this weekend, suggests we'll soon be doing more than just dreaming about it.

Saturday April 3

Your Weekly Horoscope

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There's nothing wrong with blowing off steam sometimes. We just have to be careful about who's standing next to the vent! It's all very well if we find ourselves in proximity to someone who's got some wrinkles that need ironing out. But some folk aren't built to take the heat. This week's Mars-Venus link suggests passions will rise. Yet, just because we'll be quick to speak our minds doesn't mean we'll end up in hot water. And, with ingenuity we can fix problems that have reached boiling point.

Sunday April 4

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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