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April 5 2021 to April 11 2021

Monday April 5

Easter Monday

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Easter Monday brings memories of my grandfather. Growing up, our Easter visits always involved a fantastically convoluted treasure hunt he'd devise to get my cousins and me solving puzzles (to discover rolled-up 5 notes) and seeking out chocolate eggs he had imaginatively hidden in his garden. With Mercury in Aries, ideas will lead to action today; and his spirit will live on through the Easter hunt I organise for my son and his cousins. PS: I'd love to hear your Easter holiday traditions!

Tuesday April 6

Cufflinks of Love

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Today, Venus and Mars link in a way that's best described as 'flirty'. It's great for expressing ideas and articulating desires, but not so good for hiding feelings. Whenever emotions are suppressed, they tend to sneak out, misshapen, from a suitcase that just won't close. Perhaps we can use the energy creatively in order to ring in positive change. Sometimes it's better to simply wear our hearts on our sleeves with pride. If we find the courage to do that, we can carry it off with style.

Wednesday April 7

World Health Day

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Today, on World Health Day, I want to recognise the role happiness and wellbeing play in our ability to heal. While I defer to doctors when it comes to fixing physical ailments, I'm a passionate advocate of remembering that emotional self-care is also medicinal, and that 'getting better' involves 'feeling better' too. The approaching Mars/Neptune link encourages us to actively pursue a path of healing. That might easily mean doing less, and relaxing more in order to feel at our best.

Thursday April 8

And I'm OK!

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I seem to have developed a 'lumberjack hits the big city' lockdown look... and am looking forward to a trim when things open up here next week. A word of warning to my barber who might have to dispense with scissors and bring in a lawnmower! With Mars and Neptune aligning tomorrow, image is important. Yet, Mercury's influence suggests that it's how we communicate what we think that will matter more than what we think we can see. Speaking from the heart paints the truest picture.

Friday April 9

The Impossible Made Possible

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We yearn for some things, even when we know they're unrealistic. They are fantasies which our rational minds recognise as being deluded, but we can't bear to give up. It would be foolish to suggest that the cosmos can make such dreams come true. Yet, no matter how unrealistic an aspiration today, we may discover good reasons why we can't let it go. Impossible dreams have something to teach us. This weekend, we can look for imaginative solutions to real-world problems.

Saturday April 10

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Although there's nothing wrong with indulging ourselves when a pick-me-up's needed or a reward is due, when the pursuit of pleasure becomes all-consuming, responsibilities are easily set aside. As Venus, on its way home to Taurus, aligns with the New Moon, the cosmos encourages us to trial new ways of getting what we want. It's important to prioritise feelings over materialistic pursuits. Energy invested into actions that stimulate personal growth will prove much more satisfying.

Sunday April 11

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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