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April 26 2021 to May 2 2021

Monday April 26

Supermoon Soon

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Insatiable desire is sometimes described as wanting 'the moon on a stick'. But if the Moon was on anything, it would be like a yo-yo, hanging on a piece of string. Its path around Earth is elliptical, and its size appears to change from month to month as if it's bouncing back and forth. Tomorrow, it looms large in the sky in an approach known as a 'Supermoon'. Does that mean that the cosmic gifts it brings will be supersized? Whatever we desire, we should expect a little more than we bargained for.

Tuesday April 27

Doing the Moonwalk

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Sometimes words just don't feel monumental enough; and to say that the Supermoon speaks of 'change' doesn't do it justice. Arriving opposite revolutionary Uranus, just as Scorpio's ruler turns backwards, it represents powerful transformation. Yet, we needn't fear losing what we love. Saturn's influence protects anything that really matters. It's time to wake up and smell the celestial coffee. With the resourcefulness we've recently learned, and the insight we've gained, there's little we can't make a success of.

Wednesday April 28

Strive, Survive and Thrive

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If you want someone to splutter over their cornflakes, just suggest that we have a day to celebrate Health and Safety rules. That's what the folk at the UN have designated today! But perhaps the irritation such regulations create (which although sometimes draconian, have saved many lives) is due to 'survivor bias'. It's easy to be blasť about lifting boxes if you've never had back trouble. With Pluto retrograde, it's time to think about all we've recently been through. We can do more than survive now. We can thrive.

Thursday April 29

Variety is the Spice Of Life

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UK seasons are unpredictable. We have a long winter, then False Spring (for about a week) then back to winter, then the Spring of Deceit, then Winter again, then Real Spring, Summer Taster Week, Second Spring, Actual Summer Fortnight, Not Really Autumn, Surprise Summer Return, Long Autumn and finally Winter Winter and more Winter. Perhaps we should be grateful for our ridiculous climate? Maybe it prepared us for ever-changing lockdown restrictions! At least Mercury's link with Neptune tomorrow helps us think clearly in fluid situations.

Friday April 30

All that Jazz

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'Well done, you played the tune wrong, AGAIN!' When the spoof rock band Spinal Tap discuss jazz, they don't sugar the pill. They're hilariously candid about their disdain. Today is International Jazz Day and World Honesty Day; and as Venus links to Neptune this weekend, there's more creativity about than a Miles Davis solo. What we can't be, is creative with the truth. Yet, as the Sun's links to Uranus and Jupiter become exact today, if we're honest with ourselves, we can improvise solutions to a sticky jam.

Saturday May 1

Your May Monthly Horoscope

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When certain planets enter certain signs, they make a big splash. So,when the celestial giant Jupiter makes a rare visit to its watery Piscean second home this month, we can't expect to stay high, dry and unaffected. While some soul-searching is inevitable, this encourages the kind of sweet release found when we free ourselves from restrictive emotions. Meanwhile, May's Supermoon Eclipse brings creative ideas and meaningful realisations that will inspire a journey out of difficulties and on to new adventures.

Sunday May 2

Jonathan Cainer: Dec 18th, 1957 - May 2nd, 2021

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It's five years since Jonathan left us to join the stars and planets. You can watch a short video featuring some higlights of his life and career here. And you can also see brother Daniel's musical tribute to him in this week's Astrology Song.

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