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May 24 2021 to May 30 2021

Monday May 24

Brave New World

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Saturn, the great cosmic teacher, has turned retrograde, but the hands of time can't be turned back. Any feelings of nostalgia will be transitory as the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, which takes place in a few days, extends an invitation to imagine a brave new world and encourages us to plant the seeds that will bring it into being. This is the start of a new phase on our journey. There are challenges and adventures ahead... but, if we're brave, bold and visionary, the future looks bright.

Tuesday May 25

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

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Hi Oscar,
Do we benefit from eclipses we can't see? Does witnessing an astrological event heighten its impact? Yours, Caroline

Hi Caroline, Although viewing an eclipse is a powerful experience, just as we don't need to see the Moon's position to be able to beachcomb at low tide, we benefit from astrological phenomena even if we're unaware of them. We'll all feel the effects of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, whether we know about it, see it, or not! Yours, Oscar

Wednesday May 26

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

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Today's Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, in Sagittarius, is strongly linked to the sign's ruling planet, Jupiter. And, as the world gets to grips with new variants of the virus, issues around travel and freedom are high on both worldly and cosmic agendas. Although we may have to reassess priorities in order to ensure that the longer journey isn't derailed for short-term gains, big-picture-wise the signs are very encouraging. Any plans forged in wisdom will lead us into a much more secure future.

Thursday May 27

Emotional Treats

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Although the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse is over, the Moon still has a treat up its sleeve. Today, it aligns with Venus and Neptune, just as they make a feisty connection, and channels their energy. This celestial combination encourages sensitive understanding and inspires compassionate communication. Here comes an opportunity to relegate difficult feelings to history, and to find the emotional freedom to move on. Apologies made now will enable strong allegiances to develop.

Friday May 28

Rear Window

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When reversing a vehicle, it's always a good idea to turn and look out of the back window. Even with a large rear-view mirror, it's not easy to navigate backwards when we can't see the full picture. Just because Mercury turns retrograde this weekend, things needn't come to a standstill. Actually, as Venus and Mercury converge, there's much to be gained by rewriting the narrative, and revising old ideas. As long as we appreciate the process, and give it our full attention, plans created now will be worth following.

Saturday May 29

Your June Monthly Horoscope

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This month, with several planets turning retrograde and the Saturn/Uranus relationship intensifying, the cosmos pulls us in different directions. Yet, although unpredictable challenges look likely, they won't curtail our progress; the Solar Eclipse, viewable from both sides of the Atlantic, shines insightful light, enabling us to find innovative solutions. And as the Solstice arrives followed by a Supermoon, a resourceful, practical approach will allow us to move confidently forwards with hope.

Sunday May 30

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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