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June 14 2021 to June 20 2021

Monday June 14

Anybody can Save Lives

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After I've donated blood today, my body will use its powers to replenish my supply. It seems miraculous that each cell we possess is renewed every seven years or so. Yet, although our bodies are willing, our hearts and minds are more resistant to change. Today brings the second peak of 2021's great dance between Saturn and Uranus. It calls us to re-examine the adjustments we've made since they met earlier this year. It's a reminder that we have the ability to rebuild and reboot our energy... we're doing okay.

Tuesday June 15

Magna Carta

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Although the concept of democracy first appeared in ancient Greece, England's Magna Carta also demonstrated awareness of freedom and human rights. Today in 1215, King John reluctantly signed on the dotted line at Runnymede. As the past year's necessary restrictions of movement have shown us, progress hasn't always been straightforward since then. The Saturn/Uranus link reminds us that although independence needs to be protected, the foundations for success are built on consensus.

Wednesday June 16

Up to no God

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Since its premier last week, my son has been enjoying the new Marvel TV series starring Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston plays Loki, a character based on the Norse God of mischief, who was known for tricking the other gods and undermining their schemes. The fact that Disney launched the show during Mercury retrograde seems very appropriate! Sometimes, in order for our plans to succeed, we can use a little chaos. Today, Mars' influence means we can fight through confusion and find ways to show initiative.

Thursday June 17

Freedom's Slow March

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As it slows to turn retrograde at the weekend, Jupiter grows more powerful. The planet of luck and adventure is preparing to change the nature of its influence. Although we haven't attained the freedoms we've been hoping for, opportunities for growth are on the horizon. The planet of luck is encouraging us to learn from our experiences so that we're prepared to deal with any detours. We have the creativity and perspective to adapt to whatever life throws at us. And, faith in our abilities will soon be reaffirmed.

Friday June 18

Role Reversal

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It's Father's Day this weekend. This calendrical event is perfectly timed; it's just ahead of the Solstice when the Sun - which represents heroic, patriarchal figures, enters Cancer (family history and the home). It's got me thinking about my father, and the influence he's had on me. We all need role models... and I'm grateful to have had such a good example of 'how not to be'! Teasing aside, in order to move forwards, it's important to recognise where we've come from. This weekend it's time to lead by example.

Saturday June 19

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Six months ago, in the depths of lockdown, we could only hope that a path out of the darkness would emerge. Now, as the Solstice arrives, the Sun shines on a different world. Even though Jupiter turns retrograde this week, adventures will unfold. Mercury's change of direction, plus a Full Moon in ambitious Capricorn, promises that fanciful ideas and theoretical plans can be realised. It's from these strong foundations that strides towards a more secure future can be taken.

Sunday June 20

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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