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June 21 2021 to June 27 2021

Monday June 21

The Solstice

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Yoga is a combination of stretching and strengthening poses. Although I'm more likely to be found practising sofa-relaxing-cat postures, I can imagine the physical and spiritual benefits of the positions the practice demands. Today, at the Solstice, the Sun maintains its position as it prepares to journey back across our skies. Since it shines down onto the Earth, it could be considered to be downward-facing... yet the picture it paints isn't downcast. This is a turning point. We can move positively into a strong position of hope.

Tuesday June 22

Onion Kissing Day

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When considering what to write today, my research led me to believe that it is BOTH National Kissing Day and Onion Ring Day in the USA. Does that seem to be an odd pairing? If true, we'd need to make it National Mouthwash day too! But, on further research, it seems International Kissing Day is July 6th. Phew - now I can enjoy my onion rings in peace! Today, after several weeks of retrograde mischief, Mercury changes direction. We can expect misinformation to clear and things to start making more sense.

Wednesday June 23

Waiting for Godot

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Venus opposite Pluto suggests the need to be wary of potential sabotage, especially when it comes to creative endeavors. Yet despite this, I'd taken a gamble and bought tickets for a gig this week. Unfortunately even astrologers can be caught out - especially where lockdowns are concerned. But enjoying live art hasn't been cancelled, just postponed. And we're much freer than we were at the start of 2021. Tomorrow's Supermoon gives us the wisdom to do what's right while considering the bigger picture.

Thursday June 24

Strawberry Supermoon

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A 'Supermoon' is when a Full Moon arrives within 10% of its maximum approach to Earth. Does that mean the Supermoon shining now is 10% more powerful than last month's Clark-Kent-Moon? It's difficult to quantify in numbers. Venus opposite Pluto suggests some hidden power is also accessible and, as ever, the energy we can harness is greater than the sum of its parts. But it does signal that, should we be aiming high and shooting for the moon right now, there's a greater chance we'll land a hit!

Friday June 25

King of the Sea

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Neptune, the ancient god of the sea, turns retrograde today on the UN 'Day of the Seafarer'. Traditionally, sailors are known to be superstitious folk. When your future rests on the whims of winds and waves, you're bound to find meaning in spiritual gestures. As Neptune begins its journey backwards, we'll be more affected by the unconscious currents that course across our planet. Yet we aren't helplessly adrift. By attuning ourselves to the 'flow', we're growing more sensitive to its rhythm and will find waves worth riding.

Saturday June 26

Your July Monthly Horoscope

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It's amazing what rose-tinted spectacles can do. Were things perfect pre-pandemic? Hardly! Yet although it's tempting to look back and see the past as a utopia we need to recreate, there are exciting possibilities ahead. This month, while retrograde Jupiter's departure from Pisces encourages us to explore lost opportunities, the Full Moon ensures we honour our emotional evolution and build on positive change. And, as Venus and Mars boost the Arc of Aquarius, we can aspire to fulfilling new dreams.

Sunday June 27

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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