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June 28 2021 to July 4 2021

Monday June 28

First Serve

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After being cancelled last year, as we gently travel down the road out of lockdown, Wimbledon returns today. And, with Venus, the planet of love, settling into passionate Leo, the action might not be confined to centre court! But whether it's lawn tennis, tonsil tennis, or any other kind of match, the cosmos encourages harmony, creativity and enjoyment. And unlike the competitors at the All England Club in South London, we needn't feel pressured to win. It's time to savour our ability to play the game.

Tuesday June 29

Out is the New In

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I'm excited about going for my second vaccine today; it feels like a real positive step forward. Like everyone, I've missed socialising and cultural events; it's been so long that I've almost forgotten how to behave on a night out! With Venus newly in Leo, our urge to play is being highlighted. Yet, even if those first steps are uncertain, like riding a bike, we haven't forgotten how to do it. And, like cycling, until we're confident about moving forwards, we need to remain hard-headed about protection.

Wednesday June 30

The Best Laid Plans

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Birthday boy Mike Tyson famously said 'Everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the mouth'. But even though some knocks are hard to recover from, taking a hit needn't mean stopping or giving up. Today, International Asteroid Day reminds us that despite suffering a collision that wiped out 75% of life, our planet not only survived, but returned with a flourish. As Mars opposes Saturn and links with Uranus tomorrow, it's by adapting and rolling with the punches that we'll come out on top.

Thursday July 1

Princess Diana's Birthday

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Today would have been Princess Diana's 60th birthday. What would she make of the world now? As a champion of love in the face of harsh indifference, there's still much that could be positively shaken up by her heroic brand of compassion and care. As Mars moves opposite solid, domineering Saturn, we're finding out what happens when unstoppable forces meet immovable objects. Yet with progressive Uranus channeling their energy, they needn't clash destructively. Instead, their meeting can leave a different kind of legacy we should be excited to build on.

Friday July 2

Funny Old Life

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Comedians manage to turn failures into successes. Their embarrassing situations, or ridiculous disasters, are skilfully woven into their comedic routines. This weekend, as inspirational, gregarious Jupiter makes its second link with eccentric and rebellious Uranus, if we re-examine problematic situations, we can find surprising ways to turn them to our advantage. Enjoyment is key. By approaching tricky situations with good humour, we'll find much more to smile about.

Saturday July 3

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Does conflict always arise when independence is asserted? Or are there gentler ways to get what we want? Following Independence Day weekend, with both Venus and Mars opposing authoritarian Saturn and linking to revolutionary Uranus, something needs to give. It will take a combination of imagination and creativity, plus determination and effort to make our world a better place. And, even though the progress we achieve this week won't be perfect, it will lay the groundwork for future triumphs.

Sunday July 4

Independence Weekend

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As the USA enjoys a long weekend to commemorate Independence Day, it seems appropriate that the bold, idealistic Sun is linking with revolutionary Uranus... and that in some countries at least, the success of the vaccination rollouts mean that we're able to (carefully) celebrate important occasions. Yet we can't assume that just because something feels good, it's the right thing to do. On a day celebrating innovation, whatever actions we undertake, we need to keep the long-term view in mind.

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