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July 5 2021 to July 11 2021

Monday July 5

State of Independence

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As the USA enjoys a long weekend to commemorate Independence Day, it seems appropriate that the bold, idealistic Sun is linking with revolutionary Uranus... and that in some countries at least, the success of the vaccination rollouts mean that we're able to (carefully) celebrate important occasions. Yet we can't assume that just because something feels good, it's the right thing to do. On a day celebrating innovation, whatever actions we undertake, we need to keep the long-term view in mind.

Tuesday July 6

Packing a Punch

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It's Sylvester Stallone and the Dalai Lama's birthday. So that's an iconic Hollywood boxer sharing a day of celebration with a world-renowned advocate of non-violence! As the communication planet leaves the shadow of its recent trip backwards, today also marks the third time in three months that Mercury links with Neptune... a reminder that little is ever what it seems: Stallone is an actor, not a brutal fighter, and peaceful protests often pack a powerful punch. Watch out for truths emerging from behind facades.

Wednesday July 7

Velvet Glove

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Last week, as Mars moved opposite Saturn, we talked about unstoppable forces meeting immovable objects. Today, with Mars still part of the celestial picture, Venus' opposition to stoical Saturn is the cosmic equivalent of a velvet glove being applied to soothe the damage made by an iron fist. It's time to communicate our needs, challenge unworkable status quos, and embrace an opportunity to avoid having to force through unpopular agendas. If we collaborate, we can achieve much needed change.

Thursday July 8

Bacon Sandwiched

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Kevin Bacon, whose birthday's today, is the subject of a parlour game in which actors are named and players compete to find the shortest links between them. It's based on the idea that we're only separated by six degrees from anyone on the planet. So why do we sometimes feel so distant from other people? Social distancing doesn't help. But as we move cautiously towards reopening our world, the coming New Moon brings innovative ways to approach testing relationships. Emotional distances can be closed.

Friday July 9


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Whether it's waving goodbye to Wilson in Castaway, or Woody and Andy's relationship in Toy Story, I rarely watch a Tom Hanks performance without welling up. But we won't need a Hanks movie marathon to find ourselves getting emotional this weekend. With the New Moon, in its own sign, being joined by Mercury, we shouldn't be surprised if strong feelings cause us to vocalise our innermost thoughts. With the right words, we can plant seeds of encouragement in important relationships.

Saturday July 10

Your Weekly Horoscope

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When I got married, some of my friends couldn't understand why we wanted such a formal ceremony. But, as we stood before them, there was a sense of ritual that went beyond time and space. The act of coming together to acknowledge unification, and to champion hope affects us on a deep level. This weekend's New Moon celebrates families and tradition. And, as Venus and Mars converge later this week, they bring reasons to celebrate love. Being conventional isn't essential, but finding reasons to celebrate is!

Sunday July 11

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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