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January 11 2021 to January 17 2021

Monday January 11

Taking Stock

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Years ago, when I worked at a record store, we sometimes stayed late for stocktakes, counting the products to make sure we re-ordered what was needed. Although inventory discrepancies came to light, they weren't the focus of our work; it's purpose was to ensure the business prospered. Following Mercury's arrival at the separating Great Conjunction, life invites us to take stock. Rather than worrying about what we've lost, we need to concentrate on change that promotes growth.

Tuesday January 12

Before the Dawn

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They say, 'the darkest hour is just before dawn'; and, in these dark times many of us are struggling to see our hands in front of our faces. But, in nature, places hidden from the light are where new life begins. Although it's not happening at the pace we'd like, a path out of the gloom is slowly emerging. Whether we're performing home-school mental gymnastics, applying frontline-worker fortitude, or overcoming box-set-finishing-induced panic, we can find ways to cope with the challenges.

Wednesday January 13


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There's no such thing as the 'destruction industry'. People whose job involves using wrecking balls are as much part of 'construction' as the bricklayers putting up the walls. As the New Moon links with transformative Pluto, we need to clear the decks in order to ensure that we're working on stable ground. This entails enforcing boundaries or taking actions that stop unproductive practices. But this isn't about endings. It's simply time to get serious about something exciting we can construct.

Thursday January 14

Rebel with a Cause

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Revolutionary Uranus has been going backwards since August. Today it changes direction and joins the rest of the planets moving forwards. Uranus is the zodiac's James Dean - so its interventions often feel revolutionary. Yet its rebellions are rarely without a cause, and its current alignment, with Venus, suggests we'll appreciate the style, swagger and creative manner in which changes arrive. With Jupiter involved, a major shift is underway. We'll grow to love the progress this energy brings.

Friday January 15

Lightning Inspiration

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Benjamin Franklin is credited with inventing the lightning rod. He had the idea of attracting lightning to a point on the top of a tall building so that it would conduct electricity safely, through wires, to the ground. As Jupiter and Uranus align this weekend, we may need to find our own cosmic lightning rods. A jolt of truth and an almost blinding flash of the bigger picture are emerging. But far from being destructive, if we remain grounded and attract this energy to where it's needed, it will be inspiring.

Saturday January 16

Your Weekly Horoscope

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The Jupiter-Uranus's link this week is at its most intense for nearly four years. Together they focus on the search for freedom, and promise major breakthroughs. Will we get to the bottom of all that's happened behind the scenes recently? Perhaps not. But we can seize hold of an opportunity to live with more awareness and, as Mars and Uranus link, take action that releases us from false securities and restricted ways of thinking. With the Sun in Aquarius, it's time to live for the future.

Sunday January 17

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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