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July 19 2021 to July 25 2021

Monday July 19

With Great Power Comes...

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Although the relaxing of pandemic restrictions will be a relief to many whose way of life, financial prospects and mental health have suffered, we can't afford to sabotage hard-won freedoms by throwing caution to the wind. Greater autonomy brings more responsibility. Following the weekend's Sun-Pluto opposition, we have the power to transform our lives. Yet this will be achieved only if we recognise that power resides within all individuals. It's by taking personal responsibility that we'll create the change we need.

Tuesday July 20

Moon Landing

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Today is the 52nd anniversary of the moon landings. I mention this significant achievement because of the persistent suggestions that the event was faked. Surely, if it had been a Hollywood creation, the facts would have emerged by now? Conspiracy theorists love to throw doubt on to big, world occasions. As today's link between Mercury (communication) and Uranus (rebelliousness) encourages us to ask questions, we need to be wary of being drawn into believing ridiculous stories. The truth is sometimes more interesting than fiction!

Wednesday July 21

Practical Magic

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Hi Oscar,
I'm developing feelings for someone, but I've been told that Aries and Capricorns aren't a good astrological match. Help! Thanks, Belle

Hi Belle, Fire and Earth signs can be a volcanic combination! One likes to create heat, the other wants to feel the ground move. But that doesn't mean the relationship will explode! Volcanic soils are fertile pastures. What matters most, especially with Venus about to enter Virgo, will be the practical steps you take to grow together. Yours, Oscar

Thursday July 22

Happy Birthday

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Happy birthday to Selena Gomez and Prince George, who both experienced fame at young ages. One pursued celebrity, and the other was thrust into the limelight. As the Sun enters Leo today, the desire to let our playful, childlike natures shine is being highlighted for us all. We can utilise our charm, express creativity and, where appropriate, lead with the confidence of royalty. And, with the arrival of the Full Moon this weekend, our talents will lead us through any potential dramas.

Friday July 23

Aquarian Full Moon

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This weekend, in a year during which we've often talked about the Arc of Aquarius, the Aquarian Full Moon precedes Jupiter's return to this forward-thinking and freedom-loving sign. It magnifies issues of independence and the need to pursue creative solutions. But, no matter how unique our experiences are, or how keen we feel to take back control, we need to work together to progress. As Mercury links with Neptune and Pluto, sensitive communication can turn visions into reality.

Saturday July 24

Your Weekly Horoscope

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One the many alternative names for The "Buck" Moon is The "Thunder" Moon, aptly named by the indigenous people of North America; it accompanies their summer storms. Yet it's lightning flashes of inspiration that make this weekend's Aquarian Full Moon so exciting. As Jupiter returns to Aquarius, and opposes Mars, we'll be inspired to strike while the iron's hot and take full advantage of the emerging opportunities. Though passion alone won't ensure success, if enthusiasm's combined with pragmatism, great strides forward are possible this week.

Sunday July 25

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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