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July 26 2021 to August 1 2021

Monday July 26

The Original Influencer

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The Moon influences our relationships. Sometimes it nourishes seeds of connection, other times, it helps us renegotiate emotional contracts. The weekend's Aquarian Full Moon marked the peak of a cycle - a moment of realisation that will help us redefine the path forwards so that we can move towards forging stronger alliances and find a clearer sense of purpose. Will everything change overnight? No cosmic boon is that powerful. But a journey we've been yearning to begin has already commenced.

Tuesday July 27

Treasure Chest

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It's school holiday time in the UK, and, now that many restrictions have been relaxed, parents are trying to work out old (safe) ways to amuse their kids. At the start of the pandemic, my son and I filled a box with ideas about the adventures we'd undertake once lockdown lifted. As Jupiter returns to Aquarius tomorrow, endeavours that failed in the past deserve a second look... so we're cracking open this treasure chest. And as Mercury prepares to enter Leo, it encourages our playful side.

Wednesday July 28

Future Genius

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The word 'genius' used to be reserved for people who pondered the nature of time and space and made breakthroughs that altered the course of humanity's future. Nowadays, we use it to describe everything from great footballing moves to delicious culinary creations. Today, as incisive Mercury heads into creative Leo, and wise Jupiter returns to forward-thinking Aquarius, we won't all be donning lab-coats, but we'll be able to start seeing answers where before there were only perplexing riddles.

Thursday July 29

Unwritten Rules

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Contracts are necessary to ensure people do the right thing and don't renege on agreements. When we're led by honour rather than profit there's little reason to include any small print. Yet it's not always easy to uphold ideals and principles. As Mars moves opposite Jupiter, there'll be a temptation to look for easy, quick gains. But we're more likely to win big, in the long run, if our actions can be ethically justified. Sometimes we need to forgo impulses and trust that diligent service will be generously rewarded.

Friday July 30

I'll be Back

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It's Arnold Schwarzernegger's birthday and, as the Saturn-Uranus relationship's terminator-like endurance provides drama, it's the Sun-Mercury convergence opposite Saturn that steals the limelight. Although they align several times throughout the year, the effects are amplified when the outer planets get involved. This weekend brings opportunities to choose ingenuity over brawn, and overcome seemingly unassailable challenges before Mercury declares, "I'll be back", and moves on until the sequel.

Saturday July 31

Your August Monthly Horoscope

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Unusual events are said to happen 'once in a Blue Moon'. August not only sees a Blue Moon (a second Aquarian Full Moon, which converges with Jupiter) but another rare celestial event takes place; as Venus enters its home sign of Libra, the Sun and Mercury are also strongly positioned in their home territories. Although we might feel pulled in several directions, a connection between Mercury and Mars (as they link to innovative Uranus) suggests we'll be able to think fast, act smart... and look good doing it!

Sunday August 1

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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