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August 2 2021 to August 8 2021

Monday August 2

Ee Bah Gum

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I'm a Londoner and my wife's from Sheffield, and when her parents met my family (who hail from Bradford) I went up in their estimation. 'We didn't realise how northern he is!' they exclaimed. Yesterday was Yorkshire Day in the UK, when proud Northerners relax on moors, and munch Wensleydale while flicking through Jane Eyre. But we needn't have been born north of the Watford Gap to celebrate who we are today. With the Sun opposite Saturn linked to Uranus, there's an opportunity to start new traditions.

Tuesday August 3

A Stroll on a Burning Bridge

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Yesterday, we talked about new traditions. This week, the Sun and Mercury's alignments intensify as we head towards the New Moon. But, having change on the brain doesn't necessarily mean we need to forget about the past. Today, as caring Venus harmonises with revolutionary Uranus, burning bridges is counter-productive, especially when we want others to walk alongside us. Traditions survive only when they strike a chord across generational divides. And lasting progress requires mutual support.

Wednesday August 4

Triple Tie

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Barack Obama and the Queen Mother, who each represented their state, were both born on this day. And (though she's never going to sit on the throne) it's also Meghan Markle's birthday. All three, in their own ways, defied convention. Today, as Mercury (intellect) aligns with Uranus (liberation) it brings opportunities to break with tradition. We don't have to shock to make our point. But out-dated perspectives are worth challenging.

Thursday August 5

Fields of Grey

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'I see fields of grey', sang Louis Armstrong as he strolled around the moon. Ooops, that was Neil, not Louis! It's an old joke, but with 'Satchmo' and the astronaut born on August 4 and 5, there's just something about Leos that's out of this world. And, as we head towards the weekend's New Moon, there's plenty to get jazzed up about. Seeds of change planted now can reshape relationships, overcome emotional barriers and make progress possible. I'm already thinking to myself: "What a wonderful Moon!"

Friday August 6

Living for Music

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I just attended my first gig since lockdown began last year. I was nervous. When we long for something (or someone) our expectations can be unrealistically high, and I've missed live music so much. But, despite the concessions that had to made in order to make an enclosed space with 50 strangers as safe as possible, I loved every minute! The weekend's New Moon reminds us that, even though we can't yet return to the way things used to be, there are enjoyable ways to embrace change and have fun.

Saturday August 7

Your Weekly Horoscope

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'There's always some madness in love. But there's also always some reason in madness'. As Venus moves opposite Neptune this week, the words of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche are worth bearing in mind. It can be hard to fathom why we feel the way we do. And reason isn't the same as understanding. Following Mercury's conjunction with the New Moon, as the planet of communication returns home to Virgo, it reminds us that, even if we're not sure why we're doing what we're doing, wisdom is at work in the madness!

Sunday August 8

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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