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August 16 2021 to August 22 2021

Monday August 16

Venus in Libra

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As Venus moves home into Libra today, it's as if someone has walked in the room and made such an impact that everyone's turned to look. Venus is at its most elegant and stylish; so we can expect a pleasing lift in how we see ourselves. Yet this doesn't have to be a superficial experience. Although it brings opportunities to make good impressions, our ability to relate to other people with charm and diplomacy has the potential to strengthen relationships and develop new lasting bonds of trust.

Tuesday August 17

You Talkin' to Me?

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'You talkin' to me?' is a much-quoted line by birthday boy Robert De Niro. And, as Venus explores its new Libran home, and aesthetics become more important, we're all likely to be sparking the attention of people we've only just met. With the Sun also moving through its celestial home (Leo), we can put on a good performance too. Yet there's more to this bravura than bravado. Mercury, in its own sign of Virgo, provides the intelligence and humility to utilise these skills for beneficial purposes.

Wednesday August 18

The Meta-Verse

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I've just spent time with my teenage niece. At least I think it was her ...all I saw was the back of her phone! Tech advocates talk about the 'meta-verse': the digital worlds that young people inhabit, where they enjoy games, music, galleries and even social experiences such as hiking through computerised nature reserves. Yet even when we're immersed in online activities, we remain anchored to the physical. And with Mercury and Mars converging, it's what we do, rather than what we think, that will make most impact.

Thursday August 19

We can be Heroes

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'Disaster fatigue' is the sense of feeling overwhelmed by constant bad news. It's a familiar problem which can make us irritable with calls to change - even when they're being justifiably made by people with noble intentions. But today is World Humanitarian Day; when we honour those who answer calls to help in places of extreme distress. And, as Mercury converges with Mars while aligned with stationary Uranus, it won't be hard to think of ways to be more heroic. We can all take action that accelerates progress.

Friday August 20

A Moon called Blue

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A Moon is called 'blue' when we have an extra one in a month or a season. And although the weekend's Full Moon is the only one in August, it's the second one in Aquarius during a year dominated by that sign. Once again, issues of independence, freedom and societal change fill the agenda. But this time, Jupiter's close attention brings the wisdom to see the bigger picture. With the Sun entering Virgo this weekend, we'll be better equipped to deal with challenges, and work innovatively with what we've learned.

Saturday August 21

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Full Moons encourage us to fulfil potential and understand the true nature of the situations we find ourselves in. Blue Moons, especially when they conjunct Jupiter (as is the case this weekend) exponentially magnify these effects. The trouble with potential is that it includes the possibility of things going wrong! So how can we galvanise the cosmic energy in ways that lead to achievements, rather than disappointments? As the Sun enters Virgo this week, a methodical approach holds the key to success.

Sunday August 22

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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