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August 23 2021 to August 29 2021

Monday August 23

Slavery's End

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Today, we celebrate the abolition of slavery on a day that also marks the anniversary of the Haiti slave uprising, which helped start the arduous march towards emancipation. It's also the day before William Wilberforce's birthday; the politician whose campaigning ended Britain's part in the slave trade. Following the weekend's Blue Moon, the importance of taking a stand and advocating for what's right can't be underestimated. Though the journey may be long, each step makes a difference.

Tuesday August 24

Rock'n' Roll Zodiac

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Several studies link the genre of music we like listening to with specific character traits. Since astrology also divides us into personality types, I wonder if certain signs favour particular bands? Do Aries choose Rammstein, while Leos favour Kings Of Leon? And what does the fact that I've been enjoying Mongolian throat singers say about me! Following the Venus/Saturn link, we can resist pressure to change what we love in order to please others, and acknowledge the structure we need to allow our beauty to flourish.

Wednesday August 25

Information Verification

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It's World Water Week and, appropriately, the 'thinking' planet, Mercury, is opposite dreamy Neptune (named after the ancient oceanic god). While no one wants to be lured, siren-like, towards an enticing idea that they know, deep down, is flawed; doubts and confusion aren't to be feared. Misinformation is a more worrying prospect. Labouring under misapprehension often leads to mistakes, while uncertainty stimulates research that helps us find peace of mind. If we ask the right questions innovative progress is possible.

Thursday August 26

No News is Good News

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'Doom-scrolling' through the news weighs everyone down with a sense of foreboding. If it's not the pandemic, it's the climate, or the tensions between superpowers, and the crises facing different countries around the world. Sometimes the phone in my pocket feels more like a ball and chain around my ankle. When we perceive threats everywhere, even helping hands start to feel as if they're holding us back. Yet, through careful listening today, a transformation towards a more positive mind-set is possible.

Friday August 27


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In 'normal' times, the city I live in would be having its biggest party of the year this weekend. Since the 1960s, the Notting Hill Carnival has regularly welcomed up to 2.5 million people to celebrate Caribbean colour, culture and cuisine. Thanks to lockdown measures, London's streets may be safer, but it can't afford to lose its soul. So while it's too soon for carnival to return, as Mercury prepares to enter Libra this weekend, it's important that we still find ways to communicate the beauty and ingenuity inherent in us all.

Saturday August 28

Your September Monthly Horoscope

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With schools preparing to reopen, as students of life, we must all be willing to learn this month. And, with the planet of communication, Mercury, turning retrograde at the end of September, a reluctant reinvestigation of recent decisions may be necessary. But the move of Mars into Libra, and the Sun/Neptune opposition, enable a better understanding of people's motives. Meanwhile the Equinox promises that a willingness to ask difficult questions will help us secure the future our hard work and resilience deserves.

Sunday August 29

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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