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September 27 2021 to October 3 2021

Monday September 27

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Meat Loaf aren't two names normally paired together, but the actress-turned lifestyle guru and the Bat Out Of Hell star both share birthdays today. This fact could be the least surprising information on today's agenda. As Mercury turns retrograde it brings quirks of fate, unexpected diversions and mixed messages. But it also helps us look back, or inwards, and see where we might be able to improve our lives. It might not be time for a detox, but if we're diplomatic we'll be better equipped to deal with problems.

Tuesday September 28

Mercury Retrograde

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People associate Mercury Retrograde with missed e-mails, wrong numbers and breakdowns of negotiation; and, since it makes communication more challenging, it's not surprising it has a PR problem! But there are many ways in which its backward journey can have a positive impact. It's an opportunity to correct mistakes that have held us back, clear up assumptions, and renegotiate deals that haven't worked out as expected. Does that mean dealing with disappointment? Perhaps. But it eventually leads to worthwhile progress.

Wednesday September 29

Forbidden Fruit

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I'm always amazed by the queues every time a certain fruit-themed phone maker releases a new product. This time every year people flock to buy the latest iPhone. But instead of them being (for better or worse) the lifestyle-changing devices they were, the fanfare launches seem increasingly overblown for the mundane 'advancements'. These days, the world seems to value style more than substance. Coming celestial events suggest that we can all benefit from connecting with deeper, more fundamental issues.

Thursday September 30

Fun Time

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Following Venus' harmonious link with Neptune yesterday, it now makes a dynamic link to excitable Jupiter. Taken together, the encouraging cosmic climate indicates that we can afford to loosen up and have some fun! That doesn't mean ignoring the hurt we've suffered, or forgetting the pain of the past. But it does involve trying to let go and seeing the bigger picture. Positive signs of growth are becoming apparent. Whatever we've invested in (spiritually, emotionally and mentally) will start to reap rewards.

Friday October 1

World Vegetarian Day

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Since I'm a fourth generation vegetarian, the fact that I've never eaten meat means I don't feel like I'm missing out - unlike my long-suffering wife whose excuse for leaving me babysitting while dining out with friends is that she needs to vary her diet! Yet, whether the amount of wine she drinks fits into her 'health regime' is probably debatable! Although today is World Vegetarian Day, it's also her birthday, so I don't begrudge her any indulgences. As Mercury and Pluto realign this weekend, we should all question unnecessary control.

Saturday October 2

Your October Monthly Horoscope

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With Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter all ending their retrograde motion and turning 'direct', October's going to be one helluva Cosmic Director! We could rename it Spielberg, Kubrick or Coppola! Mars plays a starring role; it creates a surprising plot-turning twist when it links with adventurous Jupiter, bringing an enthralling boost of excitement that sets the scene for a real thriller. As we head towards the curtain-closing last acts of 2021, the shift of momentum leads us towards a feelgood finale.

Sunday October 3

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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