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November 15 2021 to November 21 2021

Monday November 15

Lunar Eclipse

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When this week's Lunar Eclipse takes place, Jupiter (sitting roughly halfway between the Sun and Moon) injects the event with great philosophical meaning. But the 'lucky' planet's alignment with the Sun becomes exact today. Although matters may not come to a head until the Moon is at its fullest, feelings and issues are starting to grow more intense and powerful. Sometimes, life throws us into situations we can't be prepared for. Today brings opportunities to find ways to deal with new, exciting roles.

Tuesday November 16

Elvis Lives

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I once saw a bizarre but brilliant comedy show featuring an Elvis impersonator. It sounds strange, but he adapted the King's classic lyrics to describe the plot of the cult horror movie 'The Evil Dead 2'. With our music charts filled with 'Greatest Hits' and musicians from previous decades outselling their younger rivals, the past is still being resurrected - thank goodness, not in the style of zombies! Today, the Sun-Pluto alignment suggests that a treasured memory can reveal glimpses of a promising future.

Wednesday November 17

To Do is to Be

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We can only be truly brave when we act in spite of our fears. And to be truly revolutionary is to go against received wisdom. But how can we tell whether doubts (our own or expressed by others) are genuine reasons to change an approach, or if they're just defence mechanisms trying to protect the status quo? As Mercury prepares to link with sensitive Neptune, we can't afford to be single-minded. Mars' links with Uranus and Pluto suggest that actions will teach us far more than words can ever do.

Thursday November 18

North Star

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We all need a North Star: a fixed principle to refer to when life's path takes us into unfamiliar territory and poses questions for which there are no 'right' answers. But are we born with this psychological reference point? Or is it something we must discover? Since it's World Philosophy Day, I'm not going to suggest there's a right answer! But in an uncertain world, the cosmos encourages some vigorous soul-searching. As the Lunar Eclipse approaches, there are fascinating answers waiting to be discovered.

Friday November 19

Lunar Eclipse

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The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus focuses on what we know and how we feel. But it's mostly about how we feel about what we know! When secrets come to light they can threaten to overwhelm us. Yet the knowledge we're set to discover can lead to judicious action that proves generously profitable. Growth, whether it's personal or financial, always requires a degree of risk. And indecisiveness and complacency are never helpful. This weekend, if our hearts are in the right place, bold brave choices are possible.

Saturday November 20

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Once upon a time, the phrase 'it's time to talk turkey' described an occasion to be silly and fun. Nowadays, it's more likely to suggest a frank and meaningful discussion. This Thanksgiving week, with Mercury (communication) linked with Jupiter (frivolity and philosophy) all of these interpretations are appropriate. No matter how serious the subject, there's no need for a stern disposition. And with the Sun and Mercury entering Sagittarius, a naturally free way of expressing ourselves is emerging.

Sunday November 21

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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