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November 22 2021 to November 28 2021

Monday November 22


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When planets enter Sagittarius, they undergo a Narnia-esque transformation. Emerging from the hidden, private space of Scorpio, they find themselves exploring the wide-open prairies of a new world. Luckily, as the Sun moves into Sagittarius today (with Mercury preparing to follow suit), there's no need to worry about evil figures trying to turn us into immobile statues. With the courage to embark on new adventures, there's plenty of support available. Look out for opportunities to explore and have fun.

Tuesday November 23

Sticks and Stones

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Actions speak louder than words, and a picture is worth a thousand of them. So, why, if they're not particularly valuable, do we place such importance in what people say? If they're so 'throw-away' why are we shocked when someone breaks their word? As Mercury prepares to enter Sagittarius, it's easier to see situations in context and appreciate the bigger picture. It also becomes increasingly important to speak our truths and ensure that promises are made in good faith. It's time to be who we say we are.

Wednesday November 24

Paperback Writer

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Although I'm really looking forward to Peter Jackson's Beatles documentary being released tomorrow, it's strange how rehashing old songs and plotlines is so popular. The movie industry is dominated by well-established franchises, and successful albums are often remasters of classics. Yet, until someone can make Paperback Writer sound like it was on cassette in my Dad's Volvo in 1992 (when it first blew my mind) I'm not interested! As Mercury enters Sagittarius today, new, exciting stories are developing.

Thursday November 25


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At the beginning of the week I suggested it was 'time to talk turkey'. It's Thanksgiving in the USA, so people will be more concerned with eating turkey than talking it! Of course, such festive occasions with our families can be challenging. Yet, gathering with our nearest and dearest is a perfect example of the kind of emotional environment being encouraged by the cosmos. The relationship between Mercury and Venus insists that we can disagree and still maintain good relationships. Let's give thanks for that!

Friday November 26

Black Friday

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It's Black Friday, when we're encouraged to buy things we don't need just because they're more affordable. Meanwhile, it's Red Planet Day on Sunday, a cultural event celebrating our fascination with Mars. So it could be said that our material desires are tempting us from the black and into the red! This weekend, despite unhelpful impulses, we can access the wisdom to profit from past experience. Jupiter and Pluto's final alignment of the year focuses on how much we've learned, and how strong we've become.

Saturday November 27

Your December Monthly Horoscope

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The year 2021 isn't going to go softly into the night. With a Total Eclipse, Venus turning retrograde, Jupiter changing signs, and a final flurry between Saturn and Uranus lighting up December's skies, a cosmic crescendo is building. It calls us to commit to making meaningful changes. A link between Venus and Pluto promises that a cathartic transformation can reconnect us with values we thought lost. Anything worth having requires effort. And this month, if we put the work in, the rewards will be satisfyingly pleasing.

Sunday November 28

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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