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January 25 2021 to January 31 2021

Monday January 25

Burn's Night

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It's Burns Night, and I'm reminded of the Scottish bard's famous line, 'The best laid schemes o' mice an' men, Gang aft agley'. He was writing about a mouse's ability to live in the moment! Given that our plans and preparations can be undone by sudden twists of fate, he saw wisdom in the mouse's attitude. Following the Sun's arrival at the separating Great Conjunction at the weekend, we're being encouraged to create frameworks for future achievements. Just remember to allow for some improvisation!

Tuesday January 26


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Hi Oscar,
You've talked about a Stellium or multiple conjunction of planets forming. Will that have greater impact on people born during the similar astrological event in 1962? Yours, Susie

Hi Susie, The convergence in Aquarius will have even more significance for your esteemed vintage! When planets return to their positions they occupied at our birth, especially when Jupiter and Saturn are involved, life becomes more intense. At the very least, expect new philosophies to arise based on mature understanding and wisdom of experience. Yours, Oscar

Wednesday January 27

Juxtaposition Day

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Today is Holocaust Memorial Day and International Chocolate Cake Day. Maybe an inappropriate pairing, but it does show the breadth of humanity's capabilities; from our darkest moments to our most delightful inventions. Personally, I'm trying to shift some lockdown weight, so dealing with tricky situations by burying feelings in cake is off the menu. Yet as Venus meets Pluto tomorrow, indulgence and self-care are acceptable ways of coping.

Thursday January 28

Full Moon

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The Full Moon is always a crunch point; a moment when the spotlight shines on what we need to focus on in order to make progress. It's no winning lottery ticket. We can't expect prizes to fall into our laps. Today, Venus and Pluto's link reveals the hidden resources and clandestine support at our disposal. With the separating Great Conjunction's energy concentrating on revolutionary Uranus, combined with driven Mars, now's the time for action that will make a real difference.

Friday January 29


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The Sun, opposite the Full Moon in its Leo home, joins an Aquarian Stellium, a multi-conjunction of planets, with the separating Great Conjunction. While its links with Saturn suggest the need to restructure the path to success, its relationship with Jupiter and Uranus highlights the ability to be flexible; to improvise as we move onwards. Whatever we undertake, it's vital to be focused on the bigger picture. Whenever a breakthrough is made, it's necessary to make corrections. This weekend is only the start of the journey.

Saturday January 30

Your February Monthly Horoscope

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The cosmos is challenging us to make breakthroughs and, in February, Saturn's alignment with Uranus encourages us to put theory into practice. With Mercury initially retrograde, we'll need to spend some time identifying and fixing problems before we can focus on what's next. Yet, as Venus joins the planetary party in Aquarius, we'll find that by working hard and committing our resources to manifesting an inspiring vision, we can make valuable, innovative progress this month.

Sunday January 31

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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