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December 27 2021 to January 2 2022

Monday December 27

Stable Door

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Today is the UN's International Day Of Epidemic Preparedness. I'm tempted to talk about stable doors and bolted horses, but, given the cyclical nature of astrology, most of what I write about has happened before and will happen again... so who am I to talk! The weekend's second of three meetings between Venus and Pluto makes us all susceptible to powerful passions from the past. Fortunately, as Jupiter prepares to return to its traditional home, we'll be able to free ourselves and move on.

Tuesday December 28

Jupiter into Pisces

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Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, moves into Pisces tomorrow for the second time this year. Over the course of 2022, it leaves, then briefly returns to its traditional watery home, and doesn't come back during the next decade. A more powerful yet sensitive Jupiter will bring meaningful growth and imaginative exploration into all our lives. A gentle wave of sensitivity is heading our way. With more inspired vision and enthusiasm, a sense of optimism will grow more palpable. Much-needed revitalising energy lies ahead. Phew!

Wednesday December 29

Jupiter Comes Home

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Jupiter makes a big splash as it enters its traditional home, Pisces, today. But it's not the only kid in the swimming pool. Behind the scenes, Mercury catches up with retrograde Venus to form a Stellium - a triple conjunction - with nearby Pluto. So, while Jupiter causes a commotion with its cannonballs off the diving board, the more subtle combination plays 'Marco Polo' with our hearts. We can expect to learn about ourselves... and discover hidden feelings and possibilities that we'd feared were lost forever.

Thursday December 30

Mars and Saturn

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Recently, we've talked about reflecting on who we are and rediscovering what's important. In some ways this is a bit like visiting the 'feelings library'. It's here that we research, learn and get a clearer sense of what we need to do to become more emotionally secure. But there's only so far that book-learning can take us. As Mars and Saturn combine today, it's important to test the theory and act on a new sense of conviction. Only by putting plans into practice will we achieve the results our efforts deserve.

Friday December 31

New Years Eve

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So long 2021. Although there were times I treasured, I can't say I'll particularly miss the challenges it presented. Especially when the challenge involved sitting inside, counting the days until lockdown lifted, and trying not to go stir crazy! At least, looking at the cosmic picture for 2022, there appears to be opportunities to learn from what we've experienced, do better with the tools we have, and heal from the difficulties we've been through. It's time to hope for the coming of new, better days. Happy New Year!

Saturday January 1

Your January Monthly Horoscope

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A wave of powerful energy carries us into 2022 as the steamy relationship between fiery Mars and dreamy Neptune ignites the skies. Dreams and desires are in the zeitgeist; there will be fireworks - not just to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, but in our lives. As Mercury joins Venus in moving backwards across the sky, it has a calming effect (while creating an obstacle or two). We can find paths through any smoke and drama. Once we see what we really need, paths to real progress will appear. Winning formulas are possible this month.

Sunday January 2

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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