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February 8 2021 to February 14 2021

Monday February 8

Love is in the Air

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It's National Marriage week, we're moving towards Valentine's Day, and Venus moves from a link with Saturn (commitment and longevity) to connect with Jupiter (emotional growth and optimism). Of course, social restrictions have brought challenges to all our relationships; we've had to re-examine our choices, and find ways to make things work. As the Sun meets Mercury today, it brings enlightening information that can teach us something valuable about how to find lasting emotional fulfilment.

Tuesday February 9

Pizza Valentine

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Since it's Valentine's week, I'll take this opportunity to share how much I love my wife! But I have another love too, one that fills me in ways she never will. Fortunately she doesn't need to feel threatened by this affair. Today is National Pizza Day, or as I think of it, 'The Other Valentine's'! The trouble is, with its effect on my waistline, if I spend too much time with one of my amours, the other suffers. Yet with Venus betwixt Saturn and Jupiter, as long as we practise moderation, we can afford to indulge!

Wednesday February 10

Cosmic Check Up

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Early January brought a plethora of ideas that seemed worth acting on. Whether they were New Year's resolutions or not, wheels were put in motion. Today, as retrograde Mercury remakes a similar link to dynamic Mars, it's time to take those thoughts to the psychological garage for a check to see whether, after several weeks of driving, they remain roadworthy. Yet, even if there's some engine trouble, there's no need to write anything off. With a few tweaks, there may well be many miles left on the clock.

Thursday February 11

Funny Valentine

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As Valentine's Day approaches, should we forgo the traditional bunch of roses? With Mercury in retrograde, and many of us stuck in lockdown, it could be a 'funny Valentine' indeed. Yet with Venus and Jupiter converging as the New Moon arrives, it's a time to love with quirkiness, not conformity. It's the International Day of Women and Girls in Science - a timely reminder that some people prefer books to bouquets - and that tired minds need as much wooing as tender hearts.

Friday February 12

Chinese New Year

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It's Chinese New Year, and 2021 is the year of the hard-working, methodical Ox. While I'm no expert in Chinese astrology, I've taken heart from reading that, through hard work, we can expect steady progress. Both Western and Eastern astrology promise recovery for a world that's still reeling from the financial, social and emotional toll of the pandemic. Meanwhile, Mercury encourages us to re-examine our strategies. The weekend brings ways to fix what's kept us from following our heart's desires.

Saturday February 13

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Love has a habit of doing away with reason and blowing things out of all proportion. This Valentine weekend, the cosmos brings insight that helps us see that, with some careful emotional pruning, we can foster new shoots of potential in our relationships. Meanwhile, the alignment of Saturn and Uranus encourages us to cut free from the confines that have kept our hopes from being realised. As issues that hold us back are revealed, we'll find new ways to express our heartfelt desires.

Sunday February 14

Valentine's Week - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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