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February 15 2021 to February 21 2021

Monday February 15

The Power of Love

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Hopefully your Valentine's Day was full of whispered sweet nothings, rather than worries about mixed messages. Although retrograde Mercury raises questions and casts doubt, some things can't be misunderstood: the value of the love we have to share remains powerful and unique. Even if social restrictions stop us from physically showing how we feel, there are no boundaries when it comes to expressing our hearts. To really get a point across now, kindness and truth must join at the hip.

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Tuesday February 16

Harry and Meghan's New Baby

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Now, as the first of this year's powerful Saturn/Uranus alignments peaks, rather than subscribe to tradition, it's important to commit to doing things differently - and better. One couple who are trying things their own way are, of course, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And whether you approve of their methods or not, we can all offer our congratulations as they prepare to welcome a new baby into their lives. Whether we feel like we're succeeding or we're finding things difficult, it's important we celebrate moments of joy and happiness when they arrive. And it's also worth remembering that you can't make a pancake without cracking a few eggs! Good luck with your 'flipping' today!

Wednesday February 17

Unlocking the Chains

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Do we have to reach breaking point in order for things to change? Must chains be cut? Or can they simply be unlocked? The challenges the world faces are forcing us to work towards new kinds of freedoms. We need reforms that are both practical and in the interests of all. The Saturn/Uranus link indicates that as long as we work towards new ways of living that look after everyone (with benefits that will last) innovations won't need fighting for. Any upheavals will change life for the better.

Thursday February 18

Better Connections

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As the Sun enters Pisces, the Great Aquarian Convergence loses a little of its potency; the push for innovation and progress eases. But that doesn't mean we should abandon worthwhile causes. The Sun encourages us to move forwards with greater sensitivity. It urges us to seek more fluid, creative answers. And it enables us to form better connections with people we may have had difficulty communicating with. Empathy is key. Used well, even adversaries may become allies.

Friday February 19

Eyes on the Prize

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Although the Sun's move into Pisces changes the cosmic dynamics, the Great Aquarian Convergence isn't over. We may start treading more softly, but the strides we take needn't shrink in size. Thanks to their ponderous orbits, the effects of the alignment between Aquarius' traditional ruler, Saturn, and its modern ruler, Uranus, will persevere. 'Perseverance' of course, is in the news, being the name of the new rover that's just successfully landed on Mars. But it isn't the only visitor the Red Planet now welcomes. Venus links to Mars this weekend, so while NASA's scientists and engineers deserve plaudits for their creativity, determination and grace under pressure, we too must keep our eyes on the prize. Though our target may appear distant, with Mercury turning direct, we will find a way to reach it.

Saturday February 20

Your Weekly Horoscope

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As World Day of Social Justice takes place this weekend, there are plenty of problems that need fixing. Mercury's change of direction encourages us to go from identifying the issues to being able to apply the knowledge we've gained during its retrograde phase. While the process won't be easy, it needn't be frustrating. Creative Venus brings the insight to see where to take action, and identify where it's better to let go. With renewed strength, we'll come to love the new picture we paint.

Sunday February 21

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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