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February 22 2021 to February 28 2021

Monday February 22

National Chips Week!

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It's National Chips Week in the UK! Although it could be more aptly named National Chip On The Shoulder Week! Joking aside, as the celestial focus shifts from Aquarian-style progress-whatever-the-cost to the more Piscean themes of sensitivity and inclusion, it's the perfect time to address any potatoes or feathers we might have ruffled or toes we've accidentally trodden on. Acknowledging mistakes is key. And, if we can empathise with our fears and frustrations, we can help allay them.

Tuesday February 23

Fact and Fiction

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Hi Oscar,
You used the term 'conspiracy theorists'. Did you know it was created by the CIA in response to Kennedy's assassination? History is fraught with conspiracy; from plotting royalty onwards! Yours, Brian

Hi Brian, Most 'conspiracies' seem to be based on incompetence, laziness and myopia. And, the internet makes secrets harder to keep but lies easier to spread. Though some concerns may prove genuine, most won't. And with Mercury now direct, we'll soon be able to sort out fact from the fiction. Yours, Oscar

Wednesday February 24

The Home Office

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Following the shift to home working, many of us have been going to 'the office' in our pyjamas. It's tempting to turn off the webcam, and answer e-mails from under the duvet. But relaxed standards don't have to lead to a lack of effort. As Venus prepares to enter Pisces we'll be more comfortable in our surroundings. This isn't an excuse to stop pushing to get the most out of our resources. With the right motivation, creative freedom can empower even greater productivity.

Thursday February 25

Guide to the Future

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As Venus enters Pisces today, it joins the Sun, which is making a harmonious link to rebellious Uranus. The cosmos is highlighting a desire for innovative change, and promoting subtler, gentler ways to achieve our goals. Change doesn't have to be difficult. Sometimes it's simply a vessel for us to be able to heal. With so many people suffering from the pandemic, and with Prince Philip and Tiger Woods in hospital too, a cosmic boon focused on recovery is most welcome. The coming Full Moon encourages the renegotiation of key relationships, and Uranus' involvement helps us paint better pictures of new arrangements. Far from focusing on draconian diktats, this is about being guided into the future with a hand to hold.

Friday February 26

Bundle of Joy

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As Meghan Markle's pregnancy blossoms, the Moon also grows full. Rumours suggest that this second child is due mid 2021, and it wouldn't surprise me if the royal bundle of joy arrives near the June Solstice or perhaps the same month's Solar Eclipse; the Eclipse's shadow connects North America to London, and Windsor birth charts are littered with similar celestial events. Meanwhile, the "Snow Moon's" arrival this weekend, while not as famous as the Solstice or as dramatic as an Eclipse, is traditionally seen as spiritually important in cultures around the world; it highlights a time for healing and encourages a renewed sense of empathy that will improve key relationships. It ushers in a gentle, yet precise awakening to vital details that will ensure that although the progress we make may be subtle, it will be effective.

Saturday February 27

Your March Monthly Horoscope

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In these challenging times, there are many things we can't get for love or money. And we face many situations where more of either would help. In March, the Sun's link with abundant Venus, at the New Moon, brings seeds of hope that will come into blossom at the Jupiter-infused Full Moon. Although patience is still required, the Equinox adds a spark of energy to the celestial mix. Whatever challenges arise, we'll have the resources to deal with them. It's time to look forwards with optimism.

Sunday February 28

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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