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March 21 2022 to March 27 2022

Monday March 21

Astrological New Year

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Yesterday's Equinox heralded the arrival of the Astrological New Year. I thought about marking the occasion by writing a poem (it's also World Poetry Day), but couldn't find the right words to rhyme with 'Equinox'! Yet, with Mercury (ideas) converging with Jupiter (abundance) maybe I shouldn't have given up so easily. In reality, the medium we use to express ourselves always remains secondary to the message. If we want to turn imaginative ideas into meaningful action, it's time to speak from our hearts.

Tuesday March 22

With a Spoon

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If anyone reading this is planning Reese Witherspoon's birthday party today, please ensure that an egg and spoon race is included in the list of games. I need to know that somewhere, sometime, someone saw Reese Witherspoon race with a spoon! Joking aside, today's Mars/Uranus link involves an unconventional kind of race. Yet a break from tradition doesn't necessitate a slow down. Inventive solutions can provide shortcuts that turn difficult marathons into electrifying sprints for the finish.

Wednesday March 23

A Spoon too Far

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Do Hollywood stars use chopsticks? If not, does Reese Witherspoon eat rice with a spoon? I'm claiming poetic licence and (sort of) repeating yesterday's joke because, as Mercury moves from Jupiter to Neptune, the connection between the three planets encourages running jokes, artistic expressions and wise communication. Hopefully that explanation will excuse my 'Dad jokes'! But, more importantly, it's a time for forgiveness and faithfulness in a brighter future, no matter how fanciful it feels.

Thursday March 24

Great Escape

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It's easy to get caught in an unhelpful mind-set. Sometimes niggling doubts, the ghosts of past mistakes, or unnerving anxiety are hard to shake off. But we don't need to be Harry Houdini to be released from difficult feelings. As Mercury aligns with Neptune, it helps to crystallise what's worth considering, and what it's time to move on from. Often, this is less about breaking free like an escapologist, and more a conscious letting go of what's been holding back growth. A more tranquil attitude is possible.

Friday March 25

The Circle of Life

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Elton John, whose birthday is today, sang about The Circle of Life. Sarah Jessica-Parker, who also celebrates her solar return, played a character who explored the dating merry-go-round. This weekend, as Europe's clocks go forwards, we're reminded of time's cyclical nature. But cycles don't negate the possibility of change. As Mercury links with Uranus and Pluto before beginning a new lap of the zodiac, we can release ourselves from unhelpful feedback loops and rediscover a more positive outlook.

Saturday March 26

Your Weekly Horoscope

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The clocks are changing in Europe this weekend. But should they? Although the EU voted to abolish the practice from 2022, who knows if the decision will ever be implemented? But whether we spend Mothering Sunday in GMT, BST or 'daylight saving time' doesn't change the fact that Mercury is entering Aries, and Venus is converging with Saturn ahead of this week's New Moon. It's time to decide which exciting ideas are only flashes in the pan, and which require gentle nurturing and commitment.

Sunday March 27

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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