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March 28 2022 to April 3 2022

Monday March 28

Radio Gaga

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I didn't take Lady Gaga for a serious artist when she first arrived on the scene. I assumed she was going to produce more throwaway pop. But, over time, my appreciation of her artistic vision has grown. As Mercury links with Mars, we might find ourselves dealing with attention-grabbing events. But, just because Venus (love) and Saturn (discipline) are converging, doesn't mean we've got a cosmic 'bad romance'. This energy can help establish frameworks in which innovation and creativity can flourish.

Tuesday March 29

Marshmallows Fires

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My young son's favourite treats are marshmallows, which we love toasting in the back garden. But the last time I made a fire, we nearly had tears before bedtime. In my haste, I didn't create enough space for the oxygen to flow and catch the kindling alight. Sometimes, our enthusiasm for an idea can be the thing that holds us back. With Mercury in Aries, building blocks of good ideas can be used to construct exciting action. Concentrating on structure will ensure victories that taste sweet.

Wednesday March 30

Will Smith

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On Monday I wrote about Mercury's angle to Mars creating attention-grabbing events amid the convergence of Venus (love) and Saturn (discipline). Saturn also represents protection; so, although unpleasant, Will Smith's aggressive reaction at the Oscars wasn't exactly surprising. Neither was his immediate contrition. In the aftermath, as Venus now links with Neptune, forgiveness and sensitivity to what the universe is trying to communicate are encouraged. Especially as, with the approaching New Moon also aligned with Mercury, this can be the emotional catalyst for meaningful change in the right direction.

Thursday March 31

Fiery Conception

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There's a species of Californian pine tree that uses fire to reproduce; its cones require intense heat in order to open and release their seeds. With the sky growing dark as it prepares to host the first of April's two New Moons, the cosmic mood suggests a smouldering period of introspection. Yet, as we wait in the darkness for the cosmic spark to bring life, there's a sense of anticipation in the air. Here comes the energy to create positive change and exciting new growth.

Friday April 1

April Fool?

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This time last year I took my young son and his best friend out for a picnic. As they climbed trees on the far side of the field, I relaxed and read my book. Suddenly, my son shouted that his friend was stuck. Grabbing as much of our clobber as I could, I raced over, only to be greeted with laughter and shouts of 'April Fool!' Although I was a bit annoyed, I couldn't help feeling a little bit proud too. As the New Moon converges with Mercury, a new generation of ideas is coming alive.

Saturday April 2

Your April Monthly Horoscope

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The Wizard Of Oz and Gone With The Wind brought Technicolor to our screens and changed movie-going expectations. In April, as Jupiter and Neptune converge at home in Pisces, our world turns from black and white to colour. This visionary alignment, which reimagines the limits of possibility and calls for greater peace, love and understanding, is backed up by a Super Pink Moon followed by a Black Moon Eclipse. Although we may feel as if we're in the dark, something new, exciting and bright is emerging.

Sunday April 3

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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