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April 4 2022 to April 10 2022

Monday April 4


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Now that Ramadan has begun, millions of people are fasting during daylight hours. I admire the spiritual dedication it takes to make this sacrifice. It shows that denying desire doesn't have to be a negative experience. Sometimes rationing pleasure makes it sweeter. As Mars and Saturn align with Jupiter today, hard work and determination are on a menu that's more limited than usual. But, while satisfaction and reward won't come easily, the growth we experience will be rich and meaningful.

Tuesday April 5

Conscience Tax

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Governments are supposed to tax what they don't approve of, like tobacco and alcohol, while tax relief encourages positive behaviour. Yet, since there are always loopholes that enable some people to avoid paying what they owe, there's a sort of conscience tax for those who stick by the spirit of the rules. Currently, for most of us, Mars and Saturn's convergence suggests that pursuing desires won't be easy. But, with abundant Venus moving into Pisces, we can feel positive about being honourable.

Wednesday April 6

Big Dreams

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With Jupiter and Neptune's deepening relationship continuing to encourage big dreams, there are important lessons to learn. Not only can dreams be elusive, but their pursuit often gets in the way of positive feelings and creates a hunger that's impossible to satiate. Today's Jupiter/Saturn alignment brings a welcome pause and an opportunity to take a more realistic view of recently formed plans. Once the bigger picture has been taken into consideration, a simpler way forwards will manifest.

Thursday April 7

Silent but Deadly

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All bark and no bite. All mouth and no trousers. The fact that there are so many sayings about talking tough, just goes to show how much nonsense is spouted. It also explains the popularity of action-hero Russell Crowe, whose birthday it is today, and other 'strong, silent' types: sometimes the less said, even during friendly negotiations, the better the outcome. As Mercury and Saturn converge, there's power to be found in being economical with our words and meaning what we say.

Friday April 8


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Hi Oscar,
What 'struck' me about 'slapgate' was Chris Rock's restraint. Saturn and Venus might have represented 'protection' for Smith. But Saturn also represents self-discipline. I'm confused! Best, Michele

Hi Michele, We interpret energy individually. Although Chris Rock's 'punchline' was harsh, his reaction to violence was praiseworthy. Maybe Venus encouraged tolerance. Saturn also encourages slow determination, so his relative silence might show he's playing the long game! Meanwhile, the weekend's Mercury-Pluto link suggests powerful words should be chosen with care. Best, Oscar

Saturday April 9

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Unless you're an ancient yew or a wizened oak tree, Jupiter and Neptune's convergence, in their shared Piscean home, is the first in living memory. Trees experience time differently to people; so maybe, as expanded consciousness enables opportunities to flow, it's time to take a leaf out of their book. The arrival of Mars in Pisces adds to the excitement about dreams and imagined possibilities. And Mercury's move into Taurus grounds ideas in reality, ensuring that seeds of ambitious enterprise can grow tangible roots.

Sunday April 10

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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