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May 2 2022 to May 8 2022

Monday May 2

Black Moon Lingers

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The effects of the Black Moon Eclipse linger throughout the week as its call for change is echoed by the Sun's meeting with the change-maker, Uranus. Although change can challenge us, as Venus enters Aries, following its convergence with lucky Jupiter, these changes involve fun and kindness. Good fortune won't be handed out on plates - cosmic generosity is a reward for people who are willing to actively explore desires and ask for what they want. But there's plenty of goodness about.

Tuesday May 3

Pluto and Jupiter

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Pluto and Jupiter are associated with wealth. So the alliance they currently form could be richly rewarding. Yet they also highlight the ways in which we use resources to influence situations. We often witness the promotion of self-interest at the expense of other people. But, with Jupiter spending its last days in Pisces, there's an emphasis on sensitivity and compassion. If we care about the mark we make on the world now, as our power grows, we need to ensure we're making the right kind of impact.

Wednesday May 4

Star Wars

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The original Star Wars films don't have the impact they had. When the first one was released, it was a shockingly immersive spectacle, unlike anything ever seen before. My son, who's used to the spectacular graphics of his video games, doesn't find them particularly thrilling. Yet, partly due to nostalgia, clever marketing, and a good pun, 'May The Fourth' is still celebrated around the world. As Mars links with Uranus, our desire for 'new and exciting' is strong. But for a risk to work, it needs an intelligent twist.

Thursday May 5

Happy Birthday Adele

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'There's a fire starting in my heart' sings Adele, whose birthday is today. And, with the Sun and Mars in a long-lasting relationship, it's worth checking our emotional smoke alarms! Fortunately, this cosmic combustion drives the engines of progress. The Sun's convergence with Uranus builds on the recent Black Moon Eclipse. It sows seeds of change and champions the new. This is about embracing life's surprises and appropriately, on Cinco De Mayo, celebrating freedom and the diversity of difference.

Friday May 6

Agree to Differ

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As the UK wakes up to local election results, democracy sometimes feels like a choice between people who run things badly - and people who run things very badly! But at least elections are opportunities for ordinary folk to make their frustrations known. Following the Sun's link with rebellious Uranus, there are surprises in store. Though today, as Mercury and Venus align, the skies promote an aura of conciliation, harmony and inclusivity. Even when opinions diverge, we can listen with open hearts.

Saturday May 7

Your Weekly Horoscope

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This week, the lasting relationship between the Sun and Mars, ahead of Jupiter's first visit to Aries in over a decade, highlights the value of good preparation. It's never a good idea to set out on an adventure without a compass, and Mercury's move retrograde ensures that taking the time to verify co-ordinates and consult maps before setting out on journeys will conserve energy and effort. Yet we can only look so much before we leap! When facing uncertainty, faith will bridge the gap when the facts fall short.

Sunday May 8

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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