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May 9 2022 to May 15 2022

Monday May 9

Mum's Worldwide

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My brother lives in America, where it was Mother's Day on Sunday. In the UK, we celebrate our mums in March. With members of my clan also living in Australia, where Sunday was Mother's Day too, the Sun never sets on the possibility of a Cainer forgetting to send flowers! As Mercury prepares to turn retrograde, my family won't be the only ones dealing with misunderstandings and bad timing. Fortunately, with Jupiter about to enter Aries, it's our intentions which count the most.

Tuesday May 10

Stonehenge Adventure

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Recently, I was allowed to walk among the stones at Stonehenge. Having only previously viewed the ancient monument from the roped-off path, it was a moving experience. Yet part of me was disappointed that a golden portal didn't open, inviting me to take my place among the wizard-druids of antiquity! Maybe it was simply a case of wrong henge, wrong time? As Mercury turns retrograde, missed connections may become a theme. But with Jupiter moving into Aries tomorrow, the adventures are just beginning.

Wednesday May 11

To Boldly Go

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There's no such thing as a timid explorer. We have to be brave to venture into the unknown. And it takes courage to attempt to make a difference, especially when we don't know all the answers. As Jupiter enters Aries, it encourages us to advance out on limbs, and boldly go where we haven't been before. It may not be comfortable (or sensible). But who wants to live a life dreaming of adventures without setting foot outside? Sometimes, acting on impulse and optimism is more reasonable than avoiding risks.

Thursday May 12

Nightingale Redux

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Last month, Jupiter and Neptune converged in Pisces for the first time since Florence Nightingale carried her lamp. Now, on International Nurses Day (which is also Florence's birthday) Jupiter has swapped compassionate Pisces for assertive Aries. It brings the energy of a move from the recovery ward to the rehab centre. It encourages us to move from imaginative contemplation to dynamic adventurousness. It might be easier to go with the 'Flo'. But following the action will be thrilling.

Friday May 13

Super Lunar Eclipse

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This weekend, with Jupiter in Aries, the cosmos invites us to explore the boundaries of what's possible. However, with the Sun linking to Saturn, it might also decide to show us exactly what the limits are! Despite it being Friday the 13th, this situation doesn't need to be unlucky. The trick is to not let limitations feel... limiting! Where the highway's blocked, going off-road remains an option. And where there's a lack of support, the approaching Super Lunar Eclipse generates shared investment.

Saturday May 14

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Fictional pirates check gold coins by biting them. Given the lack of pain relief or reliable tooth-care on the high seas this doesn't seem the wisest course of action. Fortunately, as the Super Lunar Eclipse combines with Saturn and Neptune, the cosmos enables us to look beyond glamour and reveal the truth behind facades, and discern what's going on before over-committing. All that glisters might not be gold. But, as Mars converges with Neptune, we'll find much to get excited about and get our teeth into.

Sunday May 15

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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