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May 16 2022 to May 22 2022

Monday May 16

Super Lunar Eclipse

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The Super Lunar Eclipse is here, glowing in Scorpio and highlighting power balances in relationships. It's all very well being encouraged to pursue dreams. But sometimes it takes more than well-meaning gestures to give real support. With Saturn involved, commitment is required in order for trusting alliances to form. With Mars and Neptune's approaching convergence bringing energy and insight, there are ways to attract the emotional investment needed to take connections to a higher level.

Tuesday May 17


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As the Super Lunar Eclipse continues to reverberate, another alignment needs our attention. The link between Saturn (structure) and Neptune (insight) may not garner headlines or make waves. But it brings an underlying tension that will test the feasibility of dreams and question how much we can rely on our feelings. The good news is that the Eclipse indicates that if we combine imagination and enthusiasm with a healthy dose of pragmatism, pleasing progress is possible.

Wednesday May 18

Wagatha Christie

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With the infamous 'Wagatha Christie' trial concluding, this long-running feud between style influencers is reaching a climax. Yet there's still time for another twist in the tale. Meanwhile, in the heavens, retrograde Mercury (negotiation) and Venus (money) are revisiting their own tense relationship from April. Will past communication breakdowns be resolved in harmonious reconciliation? If only life were so simple! But the compassion we've been hungering for is starting to find ways to manifest.

Thursday May 19

Fantasy vs Reality

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They say that fantasy rarely lives up to reality. Maybe that's because when situations are imaginary, we're in complete control. No one forgets their role or says the wrong thing at the wrong moment! But just because things never quite work out as we'd like, doesn't mean we should stop trying. As the Sun's link with Pluto forms a Minor Grand Trine with the convergence of Neptune and Mars, it's important to compare like with like. By all reasonable standards, exciting things can happen today.

Friday May 20

Bee Talk

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Do ostriches enjoy the opera? Of course not - they're not songbirds. But I don't think people should give me funny looks if I take a bee to the ballet. Bees love interpretive dance. Whenever they come across a new field of flowers they fly back to the hive and shake their bee-hinds in a series of moves that communicates the location. As retrograde Mercury links with Jupiter before meeting the Sun this weekend, information arrives in surprising ways. That makes it more worthy of appreciation.

Saturday May 21

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Is authenticity important? If the pictures in an art gallery evoke emotion and demonstrate artistry, does it matter if they're Rembrandts or Rembr-aren'ts? Art is essentially the expression of universal truths. As the Sun and Mercury converge, and shine a light on the art of communication, it's time to decide whether to paint pretty pictures, or to try to connect on a more meaningful level. Soon after, Mars is at home in Aries. With emotions running high, when passions are expressed, transformation is possible.

Sunday May 22

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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