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May 23 2022 to May 29 2022

Monday May 23

Back to Life

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The lyric from Soul II Soul's classic dance-floor filler, 'Back to life, back to reality' springs to mind as retrograde Mercury returns to Taurus after its weekend dalliance with the Sun. Although this cosmic move might feel a bit like coming back down to earth, there's no fear of a crash landing. We're being encouraged to focus on the substance of an idea, and to work out how to move difficult situations forwards in positive ways. With an open-minded attitude, problems won't be insurmountable for long.

Tuesday May 24

Mars Heads Home

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Following retrograde Mercury's departure from its own sign, Mars heads home to Aries. Although this might look like celestial encouragement to substitute brawn for brains in the hope that putting the pedal to the metal will drive us through to the finish line, in reality it creates a more complex scenario. Mercury will soon be joined by Venus, coming home to Taurus. So even if the information we're currently receiving goes over our heads, our hearts will soon know what to do with it.

Wednesday May 25

Wizard of Oz

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It's the birthday of Frank Oz, the creator of the Muppets. Yet as retrograde Mercury and Pluto link with Mars, they bring another puppet - which he didn't create - to mind. Pluto's reputation for subterfuge, and retrograde Mercury's predilection for misinformation suggest that certain noses are growing. Fortunately, if something smells fishy today, it's more likely to indicate misunderstanding than maleficence. Studying actions (rather than words) provides insight into what people are truly thinking.

Thursday May 26

Worth the Wait

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I recently used the new Crossrail service on the London Underground. Londoners have waited so long for the Elizabeth Line, that it's hard to know whether plans were commenced under our current monarch or the Tudor Queen! And with Mars now in Aries, patience is a virtue that's even harder to attain. But if my journey was anything to go by, what we're about to experience is worth the wait. As Venus links to Pluto and heads home to Taurus, we can emerge from the dark to start travelling in comfort and style.

Friday May 27

A Sense of Adventure

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It's Memorial Day Weekend, when the USA honours its fallen soldiers. But as Mars converges with Jupiter, no matter how righteous the cause, we can't allow aggression to get us into hot water. Far better to channel any frustrated energy into exploring more positive outlets. With this weekend also marking the beginning of US summertime, a growing sense of adventure can help fuel optimism about the journey ahead. What's been hard won should not just be appreciated but actively enjoyed.

Saturday May 28

Your June Monthly Horoscope

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In team sports events, the midway break allows the players to reassess their strategy. In June, the Solstice arrives like a caring coach, to deliver an encouraging halftime talk. While Venus and Uranus inspire progress, the Supermoon, linked with intuitive Neptune and industrious Saturn, shows us how to press advantages home. Although Saturn's turn retrograde indicates that defence will be as important as attack, by understanding how to maximise resources victorious results are possible.

Sunday May 29

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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