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July 18 2022 to July 24 2022

Monday July 18

Home Sweet Home

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I'm blessed to love my home. It's not palatial, nor in a fancy part of town, but it holds the people I care for and the items I treasure. We all need somewhere to hide away, where we feel safe and secure. As Venus, the planet of love and luxury moves into Cancer today, the appreciation we feel for people and places that provide sanctuary will grow, and enhance the value we place in our foundations. While no-one's past is trouble-free, the more we learn from our roots, the more secure we grow.

Tuesday July 19

Play to Learn

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As Mercury moves on from its opposition with Pluto and enters Leo, it's as if it's being released from studying in class to running around in the playground! Playing is more than an idle pursuit. Kids learn just as much from recreation as they do in the classroom. And grown-ups often make their greatest discoveries when free to have some fun. As Jupiter prepares to link sharply with the cosmic teacher, Saturn, the freedom to explore less-restrictive environments becomes a priority.

Wednesday July 20

Election Eleven

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Several space missions took place before NASA, today, in 1969, landed astronauts on the Moon aboard Apollo 11. Initially, there were 11 candidates to become the next UK premier a race into the political stratosphere that also features space cadets and failed launches! With the Sun opposing Pluto, even people with the power to dictate agendas won't be able to control how they're perceived. Committing to core beliefs is the best way to ensure intentions are judged fairly.

Thursday July 21

Your Best is Good Enough

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Morality is fluid. One person's justification is another's cause for recrimination. Yet some principles are universal. As Saturn and Jupiter make their most intense alignment since the Great Conjunction of 2020, they call our ability to stick to our beliefs into question. We need to focus on where we can do good. Sometimes flawed pragmatism is preferable to the search for unattainable perfection. Guided by generosity and optimism there's much that can be done to improve life for everyone.

Friday July 22

Courage of your Conscience

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The Sun returns home and joins Mercury in Leo. Together these two planets encourage speaking from the heart and trail-blazing. It takes courage to follow our conscience. With Jupiter and Saturn's relationship colouring the landscape, not everything will fall into place or be easily achieved. Yet, even if theories end up being hotly contested, when we're passionate about our goals, actions can send positive messages. This weekend, bold statements lead to courageous actions.

Saturday July 23

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Long-distance vision is important for motorway driving. When traveling at high speed, vehicles take more time and distance to alter their direction. As Jupiter turns retrograde this week, it may take longer than we'd like to experience the positive effects of its alignments. Yet the Leo New Moon acts like a cosmic green traffic light. It encourages a more creative approach to the route ahead. We might not be moving as fast as we'd like, but the journey will be fascinating, and lead to an exciting destination.

Sunday July 24

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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