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July 25 2022 to July 31 2022

Monday July 25

Blowing in the Wind

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Emotional growth takes place incrementally; it's with hindsight that we appreciate the benefits of past experiences. Today, in 1965, when Bob Dylan picked up an electric guitar at a concert in Newport, people booed. Yet the musical legacy of his cultural shift was hugely influential. And it didn't take long for his fans to appreciate his change of style. As Venus aligns with slowing Jupiter, the benefits of a burst of creativity might not be immediate. But it will prove to be invaluable and lasting.

Tuesday July 26

Rebel with a Cause

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As lucky Jupiter slows to turn retrograde, it harmonises with the Leo New Moon. This powerful celestial event inspires changes that lead to spiritual and emotional growth. As the skies now turn dark in preparation for the planting of precious seeds, we find Mercury (communication) making a tense alignment with Mars, the power planet. So, while it's important to accept the bigger picture, it's worth arguing for a cause. Sometimes, being a little stubborn is the best way to make progress.

Wednesday July 27

The Alignment Theory

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Thanks to the alignment of Mercury and Mars, tempers have been hotter than the temperatures during the heatwave! And sometimes, it's hearing information we don't want to know that gets us particularly hot under the collar. Yet, as the Moon goes dark, while Jupiter prepares to turn retrograde, perspectives are shifting. Instead of sticking our heads in the sand, and refusing to accept what's going on in our lives, by exploring new approaches, we can find wiser and more fulfilling ways to improve our world.

Thursday July 28

A Time to Nurture

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Good news! The New Moon is harmonising with optimistic Jupiter. Although Jupiter turning retrograde means the effects will be subtle, the impact of this celestial event highlights the expression of heartfelt desires. Sometimes, visionary actions don't make headline news. And, as we plant seeds for the future, it's important to concentrate on nurturing the seedlings rather than reaping the fruit. With Mercury opposite Saturn, good long-term planning will ensure that changes implemented will have the greatest impact.

Friday July 29

Two Sides to Every Story

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Hi Oscar,
I'm Libran (like you) and constantly looking for both sides of every story. Are there many Libran judges? They must find it difficult to reach decisions! Best Shirley

Hi Shirley, Several US Supreme Court Justices have been Librans, along with the world's most famous judge - TV's Judge Judy. She's doesn't hold back on her opinions! Although Librans often struggle to decide their own fate, they're good at appraising other people's issues. This weekend, with Jupiter retrograde opposite Libra, we may all find ourselves needing to re-evaluate recent judgments. Yours, Oscar

Saturday July 30

Your August Monthly Horoscope

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It's easy, with hindsight, to think we've devoted huge amounts of energy to situations that turn out to be a storm in a teacup, but do they remain only teacup-sized because of our efforts to keep them that way? This month, as Mars (strength and passion) enters fascinatingly changeable Gemini, many issues demand attention. Fortunately, its link with Saturn at the Supermoon promises that the right action will have lasting impact. Wherever the wind of fortune blows, we can find clever ways to harness its power.

Sunday July 31

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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