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August 1 2022 to August 7 2022

Monday August 1

Harry Potter?

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Although Harry Potter's birthday isn't officially recorded, many people think it was yesterday. So it's very apt that although we can't expect flying broomsticks, or owls delivering letters, the cosmos is inviting us to allow magic to enter our lives. As Mercury aligns in a 'Finger of Fate' with Neptune and Pluto, Mars and Uranus meet in Taurus. Uttering a few key words can change the way we feel about our lives. Enhanced imaginative powers allow spellbinding transformations to begin - no wands required!

Tuesday August 2

Fate of the Favourite

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The cosmos doesn't play 'favourites'. Although some people, like those vying for the top job in the UK, might believe this is 'their time to shine', the celestial signpost known as the Finger of Fate, which is aligning in the sky, isn't pointing at any particular person. It empowers us all to find innovative ways to approach life's challenges. Yet the more control we exert, the more opportunities will slip away. The cosmos is encouraging us to relax and embrace change. Letting go of the reins is a positive, proactive choice.

Wednesday August 3

Machine Learning

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If a machine isn't working in the movies, it sometimes comes to life when someone gives it a hefty whack. If only it were so simple! In real life such an action might cause more damage than good! As Venus links with Mars today, it's by taking a soft approach that we'll be able to fire on all cylinders. With eccentric Uranus adding a spark of energy to the mix, radical or unconventional action might be necessary, but inventive encouragement and inspiration will be much more successful than brute force.

Thursday August 4

What a Wonderful World

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The great Louis Armstrong, who was born on this day, was almost as famous for his gravelly voice as for his trumpet playing. Yet no-one would have been more surprised than him about his singing success. Prolonged busking in New Orleans damaged his vocal cords so badly that he went through several operations to try to recover the tone. Yet his distinctive voice is what makes those songs all the sweeter. As Mercury comes home to Virgo, with practice, our weaknesses can become our strengths.

Friday August 5

A Sense of Perspective

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There's a famous photograph of Earth taken from the Moon. As well as the astronaut behind the lens, it contains everyone in existence and their achievements, in an image small enough to be obscured by a thumb! This weekend, Mars and Saturn direct their energy at retrograde Jupiter. Although it could feel as if limits are being imposed on how far and fast progress can be made, through determination, positivity and the courage to look from a higher perspective, we can make memorable achievements.

Saturday August 6

Your Weekly Horoscope

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'I would do anything for love, (but I won't do that)' sang the late, great Meatloaf; and, as Venus links softly to boundary-free Neptune before opposing controversial Pluto, the planets perform a celestial power ballad this week. With the Supermoon taking centre stage, swirling emotions and dramatic displays demand our attention. The energy of the great cosmic teacher, Saturn, ensures that change reflects our innermost desires. When hearts remain open to a creative approach, the next verse of the song will be delightful.

Sunday August 7

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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