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August 8 2022 to August 14 2022

Monday August 8

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?This time last week, England's Lionesses were celebrating their European Cup triumph whilst some of them, at least, were nursing hangovers. The celebrations were so wild that they, and some of their supporters, are probably still suffering! Let's hope their success marks the beginning of a transformation for women's sport, particularly the respect it's given. Mars and Saturn's recent relationship promises that energy and determination will lead to growth. Out-dated priorities are starting to shift.

Tuesday August 9

Powerful Emotions

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Venus is on an expedition. Last weekend, its link with sensitive Neptune increased our potential to make progress using art and creativity. Today, as it moves opposite dark and mysterious Pluto, it intensifies powerful, heartfelt emotions. And soon it moves into playful Leo, where it brings the freedom to express feelings, and encourages ideas that bring joy and excitement. We might not benefit from everything it's possible to experience on this journey. Yet there's plenty to suggest we'll enjoy the ride.

Wednesday August 10

A Billion Dollars

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Envisaging what a billion dollars looks like isn't easy. Laying a million dollar bills end to end extends nearly a hundred miles. A billion dollars wraps around Earth four times! We might picture billionaires swimming in gold-plated swimming pools... but, in reality, their fortunes are mostly tied up in stocks, or exist as numbers on a screen. As Mars forms a miniature Grand Trine before accessing the Supermoon's energy, feeling richer becomes something that's considerably less difficult to imagine.

Thursday August 11

Supermoon in Aquarius

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As the Supermoon in Aquarius approaches, it brings a sense of rising tension. Uranus sits midway along the axis between the Sun and Moon, adding fuel to the celestial event, encouraging breakthroughs in attitudes about causes we care about. Of course, knowing what's needed, actually figuring out how to do it and being brave and innovative enough to seize the initiative, are challenges in their own right. But, if we have courage in our convictions, we can make real progress.

Friday August 12

Celestial Struggle

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Saturn and Uranus spent much of 2021 locked in a challenging dynamic that pitted a desire for freedom against a need to protect ourselves. Although this alignment won't fully return until 2043, the traditional and modern rulers of Aquarius are close enough to remind us of that struggle. Yet, we're not stuck in the past. The Supermoon highlights qualities such as honour, truth and accountability. If we ask fundamental questions about how we want to live our lives, we can come up with innovative answers.

Saturday August 13

Your Weekly Horoscope

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Transformations rarely happen overnight. Achievements that seem to spring from nowhere are almost always the result of lots of behind-the-scenes dedication and preparation. This is a week where deeply rewarding action is possible... but success depends on being able to utilise previously gathered resources. With the Sun taking its position at the tip of Neptune and Pluto's 'Finger of Fate', if ever there was a time to stop procrastinating and start executing a game plan, this is it. Innovative energy is up for grabs.

Sunday August 14

Your Week Ahead Love Horoscope

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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